What Do You Know About The Mughal's Heritage In The Muslim History?


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Mughals ruled over India near about 800 years. They were great lover for the arts and architecture so Mughals made many masterpieces of arts and architecture during their reign they made countless building and they also established some new trends in India.
They also give the sense of development and new look for making the buildings and they also worked to enhance the art of calligraphy.

Some of the greatest art works by Mughals are still alive today. I think it is appriopriate to name them here. The followings are the example of Mughal's heritage.

the Taj Mahal which is considered as one of the most beautiful buildings of the world. Another example is the Lahore Fort which is situated in Lahore opposite to the King or Shahi Mosque and they both are the reminiscent of the great heritage in Muslim history which is gifted by the Mughal rulers. Similarly there are other buildings in today's India and Pakistan which played a great role in the heritage of Muslim history. They are Shala Mar Garden of Lahore, Qutub Minaret of Delhi, Masjid Wazeer Khan of Peshawar etc.
This is the Mughal's heritage in the history of Muslims.
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Males have definitely not ruled India for 800 years.With Babur's entry in early 16th century, the Mughals actually ruled over this country till 1745 when Farukhshier was assassinated. As such they have ruled for two and half century over INDIA. The rulers after Farukhshier had limited domain around Delhi while the Subedars and local rulers used to call the shots in the other part of this country as independent monarchs.

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