Is The World Really Coming To An End 12/21/12?


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No, no one knows but God Himself - not even Jesus knows. It is written in the Bible. And everything in the Bible has come true, people just dont look to it for reasons or answers because it can be so overwhelming - or people just dont want to believe it. All that is happening has been prophesied and in the end, we must make the right choice to follow God and not the Enemy who is ruling this world right now. That is the reason there will be an end, because its the end of sadness, death, everything bad. Its the end of Satan's rule. He challenged God in the garden of Eden when he manipulated Adam and Eve, and said he could a better job ruling. Then angels who sided with him are now called Demons. The end will come when everyone in all inhabited parts of the earth have heard Gods Word and have been given the chance to follow Him. He is waiting on us, and He is and has been very patient. Watching people suffer and die, he will say "Enough", one day. That is why in the Bible it says keep watch, stay awake - he will come like a thief in the night. It means be on guard. Dont be distracted and dont be fooled.
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No, i'm not christian but it's a bunch of garbage, those prophecies, including the bible. "Prophets throw a dart and let you paint the bulls eye"...said by a famous scientist whose name i forgot lol. The prophecies of the bible could be linked to any disaster in history, it is so vague. And Nostradamus does the same thing...his prophecies don't really say anything, they are just able to be linked to history because we make the link ourselves, prophecies of any kind are the work of charlatans.
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I don't think anyone knows that except the Good Lord.
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I dont think so. The 10th planet nirubu is said to be comming thru the inner solar system, but even so may not disturb the earth. The earth may have a polar shift & Nirubu could trigger that. I personally would have a survival kit near by dec. 2012. Water, some high calorie foodbars, and a thick jacket ( even in august heat--polar shift ), & a zippo lighter, etc. Thats not far off--try & enjoy your life untill then would be good to do & prepare mentally for worst case senerio without letting it ruin your days till then. Good luck & happy trails to you my friend!
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Karen Andrews-Agnew
Man has dominated man to his own injury. And so it continues until our Creator puts an end to all the suffering. I will not rely on man and science, nor have stockpiles of food and lighters when the end will come no matter what. This has all been prophesied. Look at the earth and the solar system - everything is so organized. How did it get that way? Not by man, man is too imperfect. Something perfect had to create all this. Had to put all this together.
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Well, i am 32 yrs old and i remember 2 previous dates when the world was supposedly coming to an end and we still r! So i guess not.....but then again maybe we'll just have to wait and see!!

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