What Are The Great Reforms Of Muslim King & Caliph Hazrat Umar (God Be Pleased With Him) ?


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Hazrat Umar (God be pleased with him) was one of the greatest Kings and Conqueror of Islam. He became Caliph (the King) after Hazrat Abu Bakar (God be pleased with him). Hazrat was great fighter, wrestler, swordsman, daring and brave person. He was against Islam and hostile to all Muslims but one incident changed his whole life and he became a Muslim.

After he became the Caliph of Muslims, he brought great changes and reforms in the society. He remained Caliph for eleven years and conquered a vast empire during the 11 years of his rule. He introduced a large number of reforms. He organized the army. He was a great man who shaped the destiny of the Muslim Ummah.

He gave much importance to justice and well-being of the people. He led a very simple life. He loved to meet people and enquire about their problems. He followed the saying the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him), "Treat your servant as you would treat yourself. Master and servant are both equal before God."

He was kind and sympathetic to the poor. He spent many sleepless nights. He used to roam in the streets to see the conditions of his people. One night he passed by a house and heard children crying. There was pot of water on fire. The mother told to sleep and when the food was ready she would wake them up. But the children would not listen. Hazrat Umar (God be pleased with him) asked the woman, "What is the matter". She told him there was nothing to eat. There was no money and no grain in the house. Her husband had died. The children were crying for food. He then enforced the Law of giving stipend to all the children who born in a family. This system is still in place in European countries which we Muslims have forgotten and failed to implement.

He was very strict in the case of judgment. He would not spare anyone, not even his own son, if wrong was committed by him. For him, high and low, rich and poor, were all equal before law.He was killed by a Non-Muslim named Feroz, when he was offering his prayers one day and buried beside the grave of Great messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad Sallala hu alai hi wa'ali hi wassallam.

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