Who Is David In The Bible?


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The youngest son of Jesse, who God had Samuel anoint, and make King of Israel. You can find more on this in 1st Samuel chapter 16. I would recommend starting at verse 10. Hope this helps. God Bless
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He was God's favorite king.  He was a man after God's own heart.  The King of hearts was derived from that in a deck of cards....believe it or not.  Second king of the Bible I believe after king Saul.
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Youngest son of Jesse, and he was anointed to be King.
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David was the Chosen King of Israel. He greatest human king ever to reign. He was a mighty warrior. But he had his flaws and committed some of the greatest sin also.
Jesus Christ is descended from David
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David was a shepherd, musician, poet, soldier, statesman, prophet, and king. He was a fierce fighter on the battlefield who showed endurance under hardships, a leader and commander strong and unwavering in courage, yet humble enough to acknowledge his mistakes and repent of his gross sins, a man capable of tender compassion and mercy, a lover of truth and righteousness, and above all, one with implicit trust and confidence in his God Jehovah.

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David killed Goliath with a slingshot. Personally I think the event gets to much hype. All the time people try to encourage the little guys to fight big guys by saying "you can do it....even David beat Goliath!!" and I'm like "Yeah but David had a friggin slingshot! If you give me a gun I can take down big guys too but it wouldn't be very fair now would it?!?"

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He was a king. And fought a bear and lion, he also killed Goliath.
He committed audultry with Bathsheba and had her husband murderd.

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