What Does Goliath Symbolize In The Bible?


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Goliath symbolize mountain of difficulty and trial but God will make them a plain with the power of his Holy Spirit.
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Goliath means a giant! Goliath and his brothers were of the remnant of giants left in the country to test Israel in the settlement of Canaan.He was 13 feet 4in tall counting 25in. As a cubit and 10 in.a span.David and his men killed the last of the races of giants...2 Sam. 21:16-22...1Cr.20:4-8...2 Sam.17:49...Genaveve
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Goliath represents trials that mark our pathway
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Goliath can represent any number of things in trials and tribulations and example of what happens when you trust GOD . Any problem that is a Goliath can be destroyed and Davids victory was with his power.
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Goliath, by any standard of measure, the Philistine champion was a giant of a man. His impressive armor and weapons are described in detail. David fights Goliath "in the name of" the Lord. Goliath is on perilous ground. He has defied the armies of Israel, thus defying the armies of the living God; this is tantamount to defying God himself.

In Hermeneutics, interpretation of the Bible, Goliath symbolizes nothing. The meaning of the text is in the text. Don't wander around the scriptures. This is a narrative, a story. Goliath, giant champion of Gath who defied the armies of Israel was slain by David the Israelite shepherd.

Note: The actual killing did not take place with an Israelite sword; irony of ironies, David killed Goliath with his own sword.

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