What Are The Qualities Of An Aquarius?


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Aquarius has plenty of good qualities - though, unfortunately, this sign also has some not-so-good ones!

What are the qualities of the star sign, Aquarius?
The good points!

  • Aquarians are best known for their pleasant natures and friendly personas. They always have a positive outlook on life, and their good-hearted demeanours are infectious.
  • They make for extremely loyal and honest companions. You can always trust an Aquarian!
  • Aquarians are also known for their originality, creativity and inventiveness. These traits come in very handy when it comes to advancing their careers or when they are looking for pastures new.
  • They are known for their intellectualism and wisdom, which is why people feel comfortable coming to them for advice.
  • Aquarians are individuals, who are not easily led - and this individuality serves them well both in their personal and working lives.
The bad points!

  • Aquarians have the potential to be contrary, intractable and, at times, confusing individuals. These traits may irritate other signs of the zodiac, and can means that the sign is sometimes difficult to read when they are in a relationship.
  • They can also be perverse and are certainly unpredictable! This sometimes means they can be very fun to hang around with, but equally this unpredictability can confuse and repel other signs.
  • Aquarians will need to find a partner who is content with a practical relationship, or one who is willing to provide all the emotional needs of the partnership. This is because Aquarians are very unemotional and at times detached individuals, which can infuriate their lovers.
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You are highly social, energetic, fun, loving, thoughtful, compassionate, humanitarian and always remember those that are important to you.

You are a very unique and special person who doesn't always have to follow the crowd. You are more of a trend setter at heart than a follower.
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Hi I am an Aquarius. We are honest, loyal, bright, energetic, and always listen to others and thier feelings. We are ready to help others even when we need help ourselves. Aquarians are imaginative, colourful and different.

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