Is A Libra A Good Match For An Aquarius?


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Maud La Roux answered
Yes, a very good match indeed! They both possess very different qualities, which means they can bring the best out of one another when they're in a relationship.

Libra and Aquarius
  • Both Libra and Aquarius are extroverted star signs, which makes them great at communicating.
  • They both have an active social life and a wide circle of friends.
  • They both enjoy their independence, which allows them to understand the needs of their partners.
  • The Libra will adore the creative streak of the Aquarius.
  • And the Aquarius will admire the harmony of the Libra.
  • They should both find that they have many hobbies and interests in common.
Sometimes though there could be some obstacles to a Libra - Aquarius match...

Aquarius Libra compatibility
  • The Libra may be over-sensitive, which could make the relationship more difficult.
  • The Aquarius may be over-critical, something not uncommon to their sign and which will not mix well with the Libra's sensitive side.
  • It may also be difficult for the Libra to understand his partner's need for freedom, which is one of the defining character traits of an Aquarius. 
If both can understand each others needs and flaws, then this match could be the foundation of a solid relationship.
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Libra and aquarius make the perfect zodiac match. Its not proven that its completely true however I'm an aquarius and my boyfriend (zexion) whom I'm madly in love with is a libra.

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