What Is The Best Job For An Aquarius?


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There are numerous career paths open to an Aquarius! They are very intellectual people, who are friendly, honest and inventive.

  • Teacher: An Aquarian's intellectual ability would make teaching or any form of scholarly activity very suitable. They are adept at passing on their knowledge, and have the necessary attributes to thrive in an educational environment.
  • Aid worker: Aquarians are naturally good-hearted, honest, loyal and friendly people, which would make them great aid workers. Their agile minds along with their pleasant natures would help them thrive in disaster zones or dangerous areas.
  • Engineer: Aquarians are very inventive and practical, and this along with their intellectual abilities would make them great engineers. They love problem-solving and inventing new ideas and concepts, and would be very suited to this kind of job.
  • Social worker: Again, the Aquarian's good-hearted and empathetic personality will thrive in this environment. They are naturally-suited to looking after and caring for people, and genuinely want to help others - especially those who are less well-off than them.
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As an Aquarius I can tell you teaching, preaching, and social work are all suited to the sign.
We are fun-loving, easy-going, team players, and loyal. We take friendship very seriously and hold it in deep regard.
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Aquarians have a very analytical mind and mostly have good communication skills. So a job related to maths, teaching or analysis will suit them.
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I have a Master's Degree and have done all of the above and after 20 years of that I have grown tired of it.
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The job that best suits an Aquarius is the job you enjoy doing day in day out, and look foward to doing every morning when you get out of bed.

I haul coal in a tandem. I have to use the radio a lot and have to judge the terrain to keep the truck from flopping over from too much lean. I excelled in the Infantry and have been to college, I've worked the oil fields and convinience stores, handyman to cowboy, senior comp tech support to certified weldor. So good luck finding that dream job. It seems that they are all fun and there are many to choose from.

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