I Want To Become A Vampire Who Can I Ask To Make Me One?


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Vanda2 I'm a real Vampire and sorry but you don't transform into a vampire by getting bitten you must drink some of our blood .. You can't see the different with a Vampire and a human without the teeth's we are just like humans but we drink blood to get our energy.. And like me ,,, I got bornd as a Vampire and I rly like it .. It isn't often I go and drink a humans blood but ive done it 5-7 times and I'm 14 years and this is true,, ive been with specialist and they said ima real Vampire,,, ive been trough many scary things... Like 1 day I met a Vampire slayer... I was close to death but my friend helped me and hes also a Vampire :) so try find a Vampire and ask if you can drink some of hes blood,, I'm from norway so I don't think its any good idea to ask me but if ive met you ive done it.. But be carefull because its many bad vampires ,,, so be carefull and try be a friend with hem befoure you ask hem because if hes hungry and doesnt know you he may bit you... Soo good luck :) hope this helped you a little
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Go onto www.vampire church .com you can chat to other vampires and ask one of em its a place where no one douts if there real or not !!! Trust me
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I will make you one if I can get either your cell number of e-mail.
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I too want to become a vampire I do not beleive they are killers , I beleive it wasnt there fault if some vampire came up and bit them or offerd them their blood I have been to a physcoiligist and he said it was mental vampireism so I'm not actully a vampire but I act like one. I have drank blood before , my father works at a butchers and I went in once and before some meat was cooked they drain the blood  and I drank it. My mother also beleived I'm mentaly a vampire because I once diddnt come out of my room for 4 weeks all I ate was raw meat and blood , it kept me going. My phycoiligist was Dr.Zach
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My friend is a vampire and she is totally happy! I don't know she did it, but I'll ask her next time I see her!
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Its been since cain nd able that my forefatherz hav been denyd the right 2 a sunrize I watch how you make a mcry of our kind claiming 2 b vampirez psi fake fangz ens.do not go luking 4 a realm that you might fall in2 you'll hav pain throughout eternity nd 1day die in hell even if you do gud                   luckreigh farumosa...
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Well id say you would first go out and find your self a vampire and ask him or her to either bite you or give you some of there blood.
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I can't just get on a plane and fly to you can I ? And I might get tired running to Egypt. I could get into africa, but mabye not further than that. I'm Luna by the way, the leader of the darkness coven.
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Do you want to
become a vampire...
or do you just want
a taste?

Whatever your desire, we can fulfill it!

Be sure you want it,
because there's
no turning back...
Our highly skilled vampires can alter your very essence, turning you into a real vampire.

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Mariussir can you come to egypt and I drink your blood plsi need it bec I am dying the next month pls I am 13 I have a dieses

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