Who Would Win A Fight? Zombie Or Vampire?


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Vampires would win, as zombies aren't intelligent enough to to stake them or chop off their heads.
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A vampire would win because he would rip out his guts
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Vampires all the way!
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The vampire obviously wins, no matter what zombie you look at whether it be the stupid slow ones or the slightly intelligent and even slightly fast zombies, They would have no idea how to fight a vampire, Even when sunrise it doesn't matter, the vampire sees the sun coming he takes off to his cave or whatever and sleeps until night, you never specified how long the fight would be after all, whether it takes a month or a year one vampire could destroy massive hordes of zombies no matter what, the only way the zombies  would win is if the vampire slips up and drinks some infected blood and then becomes a kick ass zombie-vamp, but then again who knows the infection might not spread through the vampire considering he's undead already, either way vampire wins hands down.
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Vampires. Though if you were considering an apocalyptic world where there were no humans, only vampires and zombies, I think zombies would win. Vampires, having no blood to drink from host humans would die out while the zombies keep on keeping on, searching for brains for many years to come.
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Ok seriously, did no one think of this - A zombie senses blood, they hunger for it. Vampires are dead, which obviously means, no blood. Zombies would be downed, not functioning because theres no reason to. There for the vampire would have the easiest victory in the world. Besides a cat eating a butterfly....
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Steve Williams
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Zombie: Brainless
no spec attack
Vampire: Fast
got brain
suck your blood
..the fast does it
so ye i think its more like a cat eating a dead butterfly fed to it on a plate =)
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I don't know zombies marry vampire but the wait zombie don't die neither way they will both die how the vampire will come with acid at 4:00 kill the zombie come out with the vampire wife at 7:00 and they will die.
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A vampire would, though a zombie is able to go out in the sunlight, it still doesn't affect the function of their brains, they aren't smart enough to know how to fight back.
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No! Zombies are slow I give you that. And they're dumb too. But they are relentless and they move in hoards of a hundred or more. So if the zombies come at a vampire they will kill him

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