Did Jesus Have Blue Eyes? Was He Blond?


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The holy spirit should be seen as an idea rather than a person that you can literally talk to. It's a way of concentrating your mind and energy to help you find answers, solutions to problems etc, within yourself.

As for your main question: Of course we have no record of what Jesus looked like, but since he was Jewish and came from the Middle East, he is more likely to have been dark-eyed and dark-haired as most people are who come from that region.
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I really like your answer here. Though I do believe its more than just personal psychology. I Feel every religion is "wrong" in a sence. They all have the rite idea and that where this personal psychology comes into play. There a creator than no human power can understand. Im not sure where. Some where in the universe wich holds "hevan" ???? what if the universe was "god" philosophy is so much fun haha.
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We wouldn't know about that...
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Jeez you guys got it all wrong The Virgin mary had an immaculate conception meaning if gods eyes are blue jesus are , if god had brown eyes jesus had brown eyes because he would have the dominate genes over mary beat that!
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Bocanegra - maybe ask yourself - why is it important for me to know whether Jesus had blond hair or blue eyes?

Sometimes He is quiet - it's either not for you to know or not for you to know right now

I know you have heard the enemy speaking to you - we all do.  It may be thoughts like - you are no good, who do think you are trying to do that - no one loves you, no one wants to be your friend, I'm not this or that, etc.  The enemy constantly tries to deceive us.   

Possible blocks to hearing are: Unconfessed & unrepented sin.  Ask God to reveal any unconfessed & unrepented sin in your life - unforgiveness is a big blocker - if anyones name comes to mind when the word unforgiveness is mentioned, then there is still some unforgiveness there - ask God for help

ask the Lord 'who am I to You, Lord?' - what's the first thought you hear?  You may or may not hear Him audibly - but you can hear Him with your spirit.  Journal what you hear.
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The Holy Spirit is more than just an idea. He is the third person of the Trinity. He lives inside each believer the moment they accept Jesus as their personal saviour. The job of the Holy Spirit is to teach us, to comfort us and to convict of of our sins.

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