Who Was Legion And What Did He Ask Jesus To Do To Him?


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Legion is unclean spirits which took illegal possession of a body temple and tormented this young man night and day the name Legion means "many" so this man was possed with many unclean spirits, and when Jesus commanded them out they the besought to be sent into the herd of swine.
If you read Mark 5:1-14 you will see the factual account of this.
Take note of Verse 9, when the question was asked, What is thy name and the reply was Legion for we are many.
Also take note of verse 12 which said and all the devils besought him,
verse 13 forthwith Jesus gave them leave.
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Legion was the name of the demons Jesus cast out of the possessed man on the cliff, the demon asked to not be cast out but to be put into a herd of pigs.
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Name of demons tormenting a man that possessed him and they asked to go into the herd of swine.

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