When It Says In The Bible That A Person Is Humble, What Does It Mean?


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The Bible uses the word humble to mean someone who is modest, and free from arrogance and pride.

In fact, humility is a key issue in the Bible.

What is the Biblical meaning of "humble"?
"Clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble." -Peter 1 5:5 This is one example of the Bible discussing the issue of humility and being humble.

In this context, I think being humble is all about the way people see themselves in relation to God, and in relation to each other.

Jesus teaches us to not be too arrogant or proud. No matter how good we are, there is always room for improvement.

Instead, we should take pride in the glory of God and his gifts.

Why does the Bible want us to be humble?
Being proud and ambitious is not necessarily a bad thing - but being too proud or over-ambitious often causes people to forget their place in life.

Jesus shows us that life becomes so much easier to navigate with a bit of humility and compassion.

Rather than worrying about ourselves, we should be concerned with the will of God and the plight of our fellow man.

I found the following two Bible study sites useful when searching for the meaning of humility, I hope they help you too!

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Humble can mean lowly, modest, unpretentious, e.g. A humble home would be a simple, maybe a poor home.

It can also mean having a low opinion of yourself, not rating yourself as special or important etc.

In the Bible, I think you get more of the second meaning. For example, people are warned to be humble and not think too much of themselves and not put themselves before others.
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I thank you for the answer I had some idea but not all of it thank you and GOD BLESS
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Freedom from pride or arrogance; lowliness of mind. It is not weakness but a state of mind that is pleasing to Jehovah.
In the Hebrew Scriptures, “humility” is drawn from a root word (ʽa·nah′) meaning “be afflicted; be humbled; be oppressed.” Words drawn from this root are variously translated “humility,” “meekness,” “affliction,” and so forth. Two other Hebrew verbs involving “humility” are ka·naʽ′ (literally, subdue [oneself]) and sha·phel′ (literally, be or become low). In the Christian Greek Scriptures the word ta·pei·no·phro·sy′ne is translated “humility” and “lowliness of mind.” It is drawn from the words ta·pei·no′o, “make low,” and phren, “the mind.”

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