What Is The Abrahamic Covenant?


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The Abrahamic Covenant refers to a promise made by God to Abraham (recorded in Genesis 12:1-3) that he would bless Abraham and make his children into a great nation and that his name would be known to many.

In the Bible, the concept of covenant relationship is stressed. Every time a covenant is made, the parties in covenant agree on a sign as a reminder of their promises to each other. Circumcision is the sign of the covenant between God and Abraham. It represents more than that though. The removal of the forskin reminded Israel of the cutting away that needed to take place in order to be and to live as God's covenant people. They had to separate themselves from the people of the world and renounce worldly things, principles, and philosophies.

The most important promise fulfilled in Scripture is contained in the Abrahamic Covenant, "Through you, the nations of the earth will be blessed." This promise was fulfilled when Jesus died on the cross. This opened the floodgates of mercy and redemption for the nations of the earth to see how much God truly loves his people.
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I Will only add that the Covenant that God made with Abraham was a continuation of a covenant he made with Adam and continues in several other covenats  ending with an everlasting covenant made in Jesus blood (death).
  • Edenic Genesis 2:16
  • Adamic Genesis 3:15
  • Abrahamic Genesis 12:2
  • Mosaic Exodus 19:5
  • Davidic 2 Samuel 7:16
  • The New Ever lasting covenant Jeremiah 31:31; Luke 22:20; Hebrews 8:8
There are other scriptures also. But this should get you started if you are interested.

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What about the Noaich covenant Gen 6-9?
Was Abraham not a b'nei Noach?....ie one who lived under the Covenant of Noah
Our covenant is more like the covenant with Noah as that too required faith ....and walking with God...and grace (the rainbow).....but without circumcision which the Abrahamic covenant included

regards in Christ
(PS and wine which made him drunk was also allowed)

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