Can I Hypnotize Myself?


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Msullivan- Hypnosis opens the doors for demons to come in. If you are not willing to endure that, then you should stay away from it.
From someone who cares
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Hypnotizing someone without practice, can be a real pain in the ass, you have to master the method before doing so. Or you'll end up a failure, as the saying says practice makes perfect.
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Another thing you may like to try is reading this book here. Many of my friends and family have read it and are now proudly not smoking anymore.

You can also find an independent review here.
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Before hypnotizing yourself, you have to know and realize how to hypnotize others. First of all, focus on improving your public speaking and communication skills. You are going to need these a lot! Secondly, try to practice in front of a mirror. Learn how to calm yourself and be relaxed.

If you want to learn how to hypnotize yourself to quit smoking you have to have a good motivational resource for doing so. Start thinking about things that you really care in life and you are going to succeed. When you are reading, search for a good hypnosis coach or program and you are good to go.


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