Explain The Relation Between Education And Philosophy?


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You may not initially think that there is a relationship between education and philosophy; however they both link with one another in some way.

  • What is education?
The first thing you think when education comes to mind is teaching and learning within schools and colleges, universities and so on. It is the process of learning an array of new skills and facts within a specific environment.

We are all aware of how important education is and it begins at a very early age within schools. In addition, there are various levels of education which people go through in their lives. Furthermore, individuals learn at different abilities which identify how education is so vast. Not only does education appear within schools but people can be educated through life experiences, and learn about the way of the world which links into philosophy.

  • What is philosophy?
Philosophy is the idea of questioning aspects of life and trying to search for answers for certain situations and actions that are not so cut and dry. Many philosophers in the past have tried to explain the meaning of life and why people act in the way that they do.

This happens within societies every day because people constantly make decisions on what they believe is right and wrong. We always ask ourselves how things are carried out and how we feel the world should be.

  • The relationship between education and philosophy
There is a link between education and philosophy in the sense that physically we all use the part of our brain to try and make sense of certain things. In addition, with regards to philosophy, we tend to question the meaning of life and so on, which is similar to education, because we explore new ideas and are encouraged to question things.

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