What Is Your Philosophy Of Education?


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Crystal Lane answered
My philosophy of Education is that each child goes through the developmental stages at different times, but still every child goes through them. Every child should be represented as the whole child physically, socially, intellectually, and socially. I had to answer this question for my education class and this it the best answer that I can give.
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Gillian Smith answered
Education is one of the most valuable resources for many people.

To give a child, young person or adult the chance of an education is to give them the chance of a career and a way in the world.
Education doesn't however have to be purely academic, it can be based on many other things and life itself is the biggest educator for most people.

In the past few people had the chance to receive a good education if they received any at all. In many areas of the world today education isn't easily available to some sections of the population.
All people regardless of sex, religion etc should have the oppurtunity to receive an education.
Obviously in some societies, even today formal schooling wouldn't be practical. There are still a few cultures based on tribal groupings who have a lifestyle which depends on gather hunting and their educational needs will be different to the rest of the world.
Education is a wonderful gift if it used well and not to indoctrinate but for the pleasure of learning.

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