Where Do Demons Come From?


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Demons are the follows of satan or the devil whichever you want to call him. They are sent to earth from hell to inflict the most terrible of evil on people and to try and stop/hinder the work of god.
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There is no Hell. The Devil is king of the Earth. But when Jesus returns.. He will own the earth once again.
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Well actually, that is not true. Jesus took the "king" of the earth back from Satan at the cross, and He has the authority, which he passed on to us, except most are too blind to use it.
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Demons are fallen angels. Before the universe was even created, God created angels. The most beautiful of the angels was Lucifer. Lucifer commited the first sin of the universe when he became proud. God pronounced a judgment on him, and Lucifer managed to take 1/3 of the angels with him. Those angels also became judged and are now known as demons.

Lucifer and the fallen angels freely roam the universe, including Earth. At the end of time they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire along with any human being who has not accepted Christ as savior.

Many theologians believe mankind was created to resolve a hypothetical question of Satan's:  "how can a loving God thrown His creatures into Hell?" The answer is we all have freewill, and decide for ourselves were we will go. Satan also had this chance, but chose against God. We show Satan, with each person that believes in Christ, that even a lowly, sinful human being, who in most cases doesn't even have contact with personal divine revelation, can still choose for God. So humankind can be seen as a sort of appeal trial for Satan.
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My room
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Your imagination..
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Wouldn't they be fallen angels that followed satan when he went against God. (stupid demons trix are for God's kids)

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