What To Say In A Welcome Speech To Youth Day At Church?


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Giving a welcome speech at Youth Day is a great way to get younger participants interested in the events and beliefs of your church. The best way to keep their attention and get your point across is to talk to them as an equal and not to be patronizing. Keep your speech short and simple and share your own personal experiences as well as keeping it up-to-date and modern. Don’t try to talk about anything new and trendy that you aren’t too certain about as often this can make the audience feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. The best way to gain their respect is by showing that you are interested in what they do and have to say but do not try to fit in with them too hard.

Don’t lose track about the reason that you are speaking to them. Explain to them what Youth Day is all about and how your church is planning to celebrate it. Tell them that you appreciate their attendance and that you hope that they have a good time. Look for any relevant passages that help explain your point but do not choose anything too long and wordy. Find something that is welcoming and encouraging but concise.

Youth Day is celebrated annually and is a chance for the younger generation of all ages, races and cultures to all come together with a theme of unity and diversity. The main event for World Youth Day is held in a different city every year but churches across the world hold events and ceremonies locally for individuals who want to celebrate it closer to home. Traditionally the Pope makes an appearance at the main event and flags are used to signify the different nationalities that attended. Pilgrimage walks are performed by attendees at the event and the walk in the most recent World Youth Day in Sydney set a record of 10 km.
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Have one a written down.
You can start by asking a few questions.
How do feel about the program?
Any notable mentions, shout-outs per say, or accolades to or about anyone?
Any experience you had of your youth in contrast or similar to the present occasion?
What are you hoping the overall experience for participants would be in the occasion?
What are you expecting from the audience?  Participate?  Silence?   Feel at Home? ...etc.
What are some things that will be engaged in the occasion?
What are some hopes for the youth there?
What is the vision of the Pastor?  Youth Leader/
What would you like to see the youth heading?

Then organize your words; Keep the apples with the apples, and the oranges with the oranges.
Welcome the audience and special guests.  First or last, so as long as you do.
Invite to to enjoy the program and...viola!
You have your speech.

Read it aloud, look in the mirror, and pick up several words while you are eyeballing your audience (looks at hats, or the walls or something if you must),

Well, I hope that once you engage in a welcome speech, you become good at it, and if something works, most sensible people will stick with it ( they will ask you again),  and of course you can volunteer.
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