In The Roman Catholic Church, Why Does The Priest Wear Different Coloured Vestments Throughout The Year And On What Occasions Does He Put On Which Colour?


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The priest wears different coloured vestments to emphasise the various liturgical seasons and celebrations that the Church goes through during a calendar year. White vestments are used at Eastertide, Christmas and on feast days of saints who were not martyred for their faith. They also make an appearance for other feast days and solemnities and for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and confirmations. For funerals, black can also be used.

Red is only really used on Good Friday and on other feasts commemorating the death of Christ (signifying the blood shed by Christ for mankind) and on the feast days of martyrs (as a sign of the blood shed by holy men and women for their faith). The priest wears purple during the long season of Lent (a period of six weeks before Easter) and Advent (a season of four weeks before Christmas). Green vestments are used for the season of Ordinary Time, which occurs outside the seasons and occasions already mentioned.

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