What Does Christianity Mean?


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It means that you trulely belive in Jesus christ and God and that your faithful to to him. Plus you follow his footsteps, by the bible. The best thing to do is be a christian!!!!!
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Christianity means being a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christians believe that He is the Son of God and love and serve and worship Him.
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Christianity doesnt mean anything anymore. But what it originally stood for was having life and sharing light with the world and kindness and understanding that the materialistic view of the world is temporary and one day there will be an eternal world. Its all about life.
now christianity mostly is just a bunch of doctrines, factions and money making schemes-generally, but there are a few individuals who realise that there is more to the world than being selfish.
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Christianity, one of the most widely practiced religions in the world, is a monotheistic religion and was founded by the Jesus Christ. The followers of this religion believe that Jesus was the son of god and it was he about whom it was prophesised in the in the Old Testament that a Messiah would appear.

The religion was started in the first century and it is this religion the founder of which is the person who decided that mark that demarcates BC from AD; BC is the period before his birth and AD is the period that started after him.

You can find the adherents of this religion are mostly residing in the developed countries and the civilisations that are considered as modern have this very religion as their predominant faith. The development itself says a lot about Christianity.
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Christianity is a faith in one of the monotheistic prophets, that has been distorted into a worship of the human prophet himself, rather than the deity he came down to represent.
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Go to google and type in define christianity. All the definitions about christianity will be listed.
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Christianity means Christ-like.It means living as Jesus did.But we as humans with our natures have to keep an uphill battle walking towards sanctification.
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Christianity means living a life that emulates Christ life, understanding the bible and walking in obedience to it's teaching. 
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Its a faith that is based on the words and teachings of god, the differences are that christians worship on the 7th day or saturday because we believe that jesus rested on this day after 6 days of work
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It means Christ followersChristianity means peaceChristianity means trust from Jesus Christ to you
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Sry i ment to say

it means Christ followers
Christianity means peace
Christianity means trust from Jesus Christ to u

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