If I Was Born On December 5, What Is My Zodiac Sign?


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Using the western zodiac, you are considered to be a Sagittarus. This star sign spans the period between November 23 and December 21. Sagittarius’ element is fire, and its quality is mutable.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and is preceded by Scorpio and succeeded by Capricorn. This sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

If I was born on December 5 and am a Sagittarius, what is my personality like?

Sagittarians have plenty of positive attributes to their characters:
  • They tend to be opitmistic people, who always have a positive outlook on life.
  • Sagittarians love their freedom and adventure, which means they normally lead very exciting lives.
  • They are humorous people, which makes them popular amongst their friends.
  • Sagittarians are always honest and straight-forward people, and these attributes serve them very well when it comes to their careers.
  • They are natural intellectuals who revel in any form of mental stimulation. Again, this is handy for advancing their careers.
Unfortunately Sagittarians also possess some negative personality traits:

  • They have a tendency to be overly-optimistic, which can cause them to be careless.
  • Sagittarians also have a tendency to be irresponsible and, at times, superficial - traits which other signs do not find attractive!
  • Their honesty can cause them problems, as it may lead them to be tactless. Again, other signs do not always appreciate this aspect to a Sagittarian's character.
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Sagittarius - it's a great sign. It's a fire sign, and you may be quick-tempered but won't really hold any grudges, depending on your ascendant.

However, you are generally outgoing, have lots of friends, good connections, and are popular enough with people. But you could be tactless, and too straight-forward so that you may unintentionally hurt people who are more sensitive.

Sagittarius people have larger teeth than most people and they tend to accumulate fat at the thighs and hips. Usually have longer bodies.

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