I Was Born On May 11. What Is My Zodiac Sign?


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You're a Taurus, as Taurus spans the dates April 19th to May 20th! This sign is depicted by the bull, and its element is earth.

The earth element means that Taureans are stable and reliable individuals, whilst the sign's quality is fixed and ruled by the planet Venus.

I was born on May 11 - what is my star sign according to the zodiac?
Taureans have more than their fair share of positive characteristics:

  • They are patient and reliable individuals, which makes them great friends!
  • Taureans are naturally warm-hearted, caring and loving, which makes them excellent partners.
  • They possess determination and are persistent - which serves them well in their working lives.
  • Taureans love security and stability within their lives, and they are usually placid and relaxed people.
However, not everyone is perfect. Taureans' negative characteristics include:

  • When they find themselves in a relationship, they can get very jealous and sometimes possessive.
  • They are resentful and stubborn, which can easily irritate other star signs.
  • Taureans have a tendency to be overly self-indulgent and, at times, greedy.
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May 11 is Taurus.
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Taurus and your birthstone is Sapphire.

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