What Is The Difference Between Episcopalian And Baptist?


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Both these religions are CHRISTIAN. The doctrine is different. Episcopalian is also known as the church of England: It is closest to the Catholic church with its traditions, and attire than the Baptist church. The Episcopalian church instituted the belief that divorce after marriage is acceptable. Episcopalian priests are allowed to marry. The Episcopalian church recognize the Baptism of infants.
The Baptist church teach that a person can be saved again through baptism as an adult. The beliefs in the sacraments is where most churches differ. The baptist church don't hold to the exact same traditions; ceremonies and church services differ greatly.

I suggest you visit both churches and talk with their priest/pastor and members of their congregation. I also suggest if you are contemplating choosing any church you pray about it -- especially if a relationship is a part of your question.

Remember Doctrines are church rules created by Man. I feel my answer is vague but its the best I've got. Good Luck to you.
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You are wrong. One does not get saved by Baptism alone. One gets saved by repentance and turning one's life over to Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can save.

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