What is difference between baptist, catholic, methodist and protestant?


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Baptist and Methodist are sects within the Protestant side of Christianity. The differences between the two and the difference between Protestant and Catholic are far too great to list here.

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I answered this question so many times on Ask that I just copied and pasted the same answer. Since this user may have a different agenda (check the profile page) I came at it from another direction.)
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Ahhh, interesting.
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baptists and methodists are 2 of many protestant denominations.

protestants are non-Catholic sects in christianity. (prodenstants originally broke off of catholicism because some people did not agree with some of the doctrines or practises In the Catholic church)

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Dr Morling, who had twin doctorates in theology and music, was the former principal of the Australian Baptist Theological College. He was a gifted but restless speaker who habitually steepled his fingers while walking to and fro on the pulpit. One night, preaching at a baptismal service, he backed into an open (and full) baptistry.

He couldn't have done that at a Catholic, Methodist, or other Protestant church because they only have fonts to sprinkle kiddies and konverts.

(It didn't do his reputation any harm and the theological college is now named Morling College in his memory.)

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Not very much their are really only two religions, True and False.

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They all teach the same things, there is no difference they are all part of Babylon the Great.  Revelation 18:1-4

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