What Were Moses' Achievements?


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The answers are too numerous to mention in several volumes but obviously his first and greatest accomplishment was to come to an acceptance and belief in the creator of the universe.  The great I Am as he responded to Moses.  God the Father... Jehovah God, YaWeH or the one of the ineffable name.  The one who always was, still is and always will be.  God.

Once that relationship was established he actually spoke with God and chose to follow his commands.  He  encountered Pharaoh and issued demands.  He called down Gods power when the demands were not met.  He eventually was the primary instrument used by God to lead the Children of Israel out of Bondage in Egypt.

He led Israel in the Desert and took them to the place of Sinai and there received the Law of God.... The short version of which we think of as the ten commandments.

He defined and refined his people and eventually took them to the borders of Israel so that they could pass over and claim what had been theirs for centuries but he could not enter in himself.

He wrote for us the first five books of our bible.  The Torah of the Jewish People.  The Word of God....  The very Word which would become flesh and dwell among us in the form and person of Jesus The Christ.

Perhaps no other man has fulfilled his calling as did Moses.... I don't know even where to begin.  I suggest you start at Genesis 1 and read to the end of Deuteronomy and there you will discover Moses fulfillment, prophecy and life.  Along the way you will discover the Heart of God that he chose to reveal to all mankind.
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After being summoned by God, Moses bought the Jewish slaves out of bondage in Egypt.

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