On Average, How Long Does A Dream Really Last?


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Stevie Pike answered
On average, when we first fall asleep it takes us about an hour to have our first dream, which lasts about 15 minutes on the average. From then on we have a dream about every hour with the time shortening the more sleep we have. By the end of the night, some of our dreams can last nearly 45 minutes or even more. I think that's about right.
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I don't know exactly, but I think it only lasts a few minutes; although it seems to last much longer in the dream.
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Looking at this question and being able to answer it correctly from a scientific way and a logical standpoint. Is impossible for this dreamer. I've had dreams that have lasted three days before, and still only slept seven hours at the most. Sooo good and fun question here friend. (smile)
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About half the night there iz a time in your sleep that ppl are in a deep sleep and that iz y ppl don't remember all of there dreamz because most of that dream waz during that process of sleep soz yea it last about I would say hlf the time
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I want to know one thing, sincerely how do we measure our dreams loll.

I had so many funny and lovely for more than 30 min, that too in before I wake up loll. Bad dreams do not last more than 10 min I think loll. This is purely my perspective loll.
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Not long at all, it's said that we have hundreds and thousands of them at night sometimes. It's actually the dream that you might be having when you wake up that you remember the most. You think about it because it was the last one. Hope this helps.
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Right up to the good part then you wake up,are if you fall right before you hit the ground. It gets confusing though i was making a deposit at the bank once and it was robbed during that time and i could actually feel the bullets hitting me and i didn't wake up until i helped catch the bad guys. So it's really confusing on how long they last .

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