What Do Bloody Tears Mean In A Dream?


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There are several ways to interpret a dream about crying blood. It could mean that you're feeling uneasy in a spiritual way, or that you're unsure how to express yourself.

Alternatively, it could be related to the "weeping statues" phenomenon.

Spiritual or Religious Unease

Most people who practice dream interpretation seem to associate dreams about bloody tears with spiritual or religious disturbance. If you're religious, it's worth thinking about whether you've done something that goes against your religion.

Weeping Statues

Weeping statues are statues of the Virgin Mary that, according to some Catholics, shed tears of blood. None of these claims have actually been proven, but the thought is pretty disturbing nonetheless.

If you've heard about this at any point, it's possible that your brain is just throwing images into your dream at random - our dreams are often manifestations of our hopes and fears, and if the thought of weeping statues creeps you out, then that in itself could explain your dream.
Difficulty with Self-Expression

The dream could also mean that you're having trouble expressing yourself. Tears are not supposed to be bloody (although there is a medical condition called haemolacria that causes this) so you could interpret your dream as meaning that you're in distress, but are unsure how to express this.

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