My Daughter Says She See's Angels, Could This Be True?


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Of course it could be true. Children are very perceptive to other dimensions and their innocence encourages them to talk openly about it. Angels are celestial beings working with humankind to help and protect them. Many adults also see angels but their subconscious may suppress their belief in what they are seeing, or they may be fearful of admitting what they see out loud. Whereas children, particularly younger ones, just say what they see and if they feel they have seen an angel or been guided by an angel they feel compelled to talk about it. Of course on the other hand, it may not be true. Children live in make-believe lands and they are taught about angels in schools, particularly around Christmas time with nativity plays and such like, so children's imaginations could just be overactive and as such their ideas that they are seeing angels may just be a figment of their imagination. Personally I like to believe that indeed the children can see the angels though.
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Maybe she is right ...don't neglect her feeling and what she sees. Try to be good parents and try to make her believe that you believe her. I think you should not be bother about it. Maybe it's God's wish. You should keep your positive attitude and try to be with her for the maximum time. I think she is lucky not because she saw angels but because she has got such kind of parents who care for her...
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It is very possible. Maybe they are coming to bring her a message from God. She is very privilleged to see Angels so be happy for her and don't worry. Maybe you could ask to see the Angels too, and then you might even get to see real Angels!!!!!
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Why not? Both in the Old Testament and the New Testament lots of people have seen angels. A short description about angels as found in the Bible.

Angels are real, created by God. God uses them as his messengers. They are ministering spirits. They obey the will of God and execute the purposes of God. They worship God and Christ. They celebrate the praises of God.

The angel Gabriel appeared to Daniel. Gabriel also appeared to Mary and announced the conception of Christ. Angels proclaimed the birth of Christ to the shepherds. They appeared at the resurrection and the ascension of Christ and announced the second coming of Christ.

The archangel is Michael. In the high order of angels he is the ruling angel.

Gabriel is another high ranking angel.

There are guardian angels too to protect and deliver those who fear God.

Psalm 34:7 The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.

Cherubim are a classification or order of heavenly beings or winged angels. Symbolic figures of golden cherubim decorate the tabernacle. The Ark also rested beneath the wings of cherubim.

Like Michael and Gabriel, Lucifer (Satan) was a high ranking angel. He was perfect, full of wisdom and blameless (Ezekiel 28:11-15).

But Lucifer was ambitious and rebelled against God (Isaiah 14:12-15 and Jude 6).

There was unity among angels. But war broke out due to Lucifer's rebellion. Lucifer and his followers were defeated and cast out from heaven (Revelation 12:7-9 and 2 Peter 2:4).

Don't worship angels. John committed this mistake. We are to worship only God (Revelation 22:8-9).
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Yes.  It is true.  All children have a "guardian" angel that God gives to guide them.  Not all children have the gift to see theirs, but they are still there.  Your child is telling you the truth.  Just make sure to not make a big deal out of it -- explain to her that this is a gift from God and that it is normal.  If she is seeing her guardian angel, she may also start to see "other things/people" as well..Tell her that she has nothing to be afraid of--that they will not hurt her..Do not encourage her to talk about these other things she sees to other people--also, you may need to limit what she watches on tv, or reads (things having to do with the spirit world)..she has a gift!  But as a child, this can be frightening..watching or reading things, whether fiction or non-fiction, about spirits and stuff can open her up to seeing more..She will be perfectly fine.  Do not worry!
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Yes it can be true. Thats good she can see them. Thats a gift from god. My family has that gift. If she can see them god really try to reach. Be careful because the more she see this the more the devil would try to attack and my cousin have that gift. When your really close to what god want her to do the devil will attack. Just make her keep praying she will be ok.
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well if she says shes seeing angels a priest or doctor as soon as possible......angels are completely prohibited to make any human contact directly this means it can be a devil........or she may be hallucinating .

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Your profile says you are "beyond understanding."

Don't know if that's true, but your answers apparently are incapable of making sense.
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No, but don't let it worry you - children have very vivid imaginations and the idea of an angel may be very comforting to her. There's only a problem if she seems to become obsessed with her imaginary friends or starts imagining things that frighten her.
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Yes, I am 11 and have a guardian angel. She moves very fast and I see her as blue flashes. Encourage her to talk about it!

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