Why Did I Dream That My Brother's Girlfriend Was Pregnant?


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There are a number of ways to interpret a dream in which your brother's girlfriend was pregnant. The dream could be anything from an expression of your desires, through to a reflection on your sibling relationship.

I dreamt my brother's girlfriend was pregnant
Dreams are sometimes hard to decode because the subject matter is not always straightforward. You may be surprised to find that many pregnancy dreams, even when someone else is the one giving birth, are actually about the dreamer themselves!

In this context, dreaming about your girlfriend's brother carrying a baby could be a reflection of desires you have yourself. Interestingly, though, it doesn't even necessarily mean that you want to have a baby. A pregnancy can be representative of a long task or mission, something that you are striving towards.

In addition, the fact that the pregnancy is happening to your brother's girlfriend rather than yourself may say something about the objective you are trying to achieve. Seeing something happen to someone else may be your mind's way of making it seem more plausible to you.

Pregnancy dream - what does it mean?

Dreams can also be a way for your brain to sort through information that it has acquired throughout the day.

Perhaps spending some time thinking about what reaction you initially had when you saw your brother's girlfriend pregnant may help identify what the dream was all about. Did it make you see your relationship with your brother in a different light? Did you view your relationship with his girlfriend differently?

Sometimes the message of a dream is not directly what happens in it, but the feelings evoked because of the scenario you envisaged.
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