My Sister Had A Dream That I Was Pregnant. What Does This Mean?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
Wow, that must be weird! It’s okay though – it just means that she wants to feel closer to you and wants to spend more time together.

Alternatively, it could just mean that she’s happy that you’re as close as you are.

It all depends on how she felt in the dream – if it was a really happy dream, then maybe she’s just pleased you’re close. If it worried her or scared her, or if the pregnancy was complicated, then maybe it means that she wants to spend more time with you and is worried you’ll drift apart.

I had this dream about my big sister, and we looked it up together in my dream book. The interpretation was true for me - my sister is away at college a lot of the time so I don’t get to see her very often, and I miss her when she isn’t here!

Lots of people think that dreams about pregnancy are signs that the person in the dream will get pregnant, but I had that dream a year ago and my sister still doesn’t have a baby.
Judith (Irish Faerie Blessings) Kreindel Profile
It means she is picking up your energy and realizing that you desire to feel deeply connected to someone or something and nurture and care for it. It refers more to an instinct, something you want in your life (to love and nurture and be loved in return) than a physical state of pregnancy.
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Well, my mother-in-law dreamed that I was pregnant, then my cousin come up to me and said she dreamed that I was pregnant and had a boy, and guess what? A week later rolled around and I was pregnant...haha
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Dr. Philip Love answered
She could either be wishing or worried for you. But dreaming pregnancy can also mean that she feels that you are holding some anger towards her or resentment.
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laine jackson answered
It means nothing. Don't worry about it. She might have been thinking about pregnancy and then saw you before she went to bed. It's common to have dreams about people because of seeing them, hearing them,or thinking of them. If you are concerned then carry a condom around with you just in case.

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