What does it mean when you dream about beating up your current girlfriend?


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It may men you guys had a fight and just went a little over board when you were sleeping
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Dreams, most of the time, do mean something,Maybe you went to bed angry and she was in your dream, so you took your anger out on her?Maybe it was a nightmare and you love her so much it'd be horrible for you to see yourself do it to her?
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It doesn't mean any thing just mean you imagined in your dream just make sure you don't do it to her in real life.
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Maybe  things  in the  relationship are  not  all that  good
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Morgan Reynolds
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But we have solved our problems from 2 weeks ago why would he be dreaming this?
~~DARREN~~ AwwSumGuy
Its in your subconscious mind and our brains are like sponges
and it absorbs everything it takes in , so that is why this is happening
~~DARREN~~ AwwSumGuy
Even though you solved your matters ,
Your problems are haunting you
Some people take things very serious
And some people get their feelings
Hurt easy or some people think over
And over again about arguements

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