Do You Think That People Who Are Not Religious Can Care About Other People Can They Cope In Life Or Cope As Well As You Do?


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Yes I do believe that people who are not religious can care about other people and they can cope as well as I do. I know many people like that. But I think for those people who do not believe that they will ever see there loved ones again that life will be a little harder since when the person passes away they think that that person is just gone forever.
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Yes. In fact, even more so. They can care about gay people; Christians can't (according to their own bible). People believe in whatever they want BECAUSE it is the most effective way for them to cope with life. That's the whole point of religion! Why would anyone follow a religion if it hinders their ability to cope?

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Much better than "you do".

The carrot and stick of religion -- eternal happiness vs eternal punishment -- serve to keep Christians in line. Non-religious people may be good or bad, they may be out-going or selfish, but they choose their lifestyle and their attitude because that's what seems appropriate to them. They don't need the fear of an imaginary god to motivate them.

Certainly many Christians are also genuinely good people and would do the right thing even if they weren't being threatened by their god, but it's a worry, isn't it?

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