What Was The Special Personality Traits Of Aphrodite?


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Aphrodite's Personality traits:
1. Loving
2, Passionate
3. Romantic
4. Soft-spoken
5. Not flirtatious
6. Girlish
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Aphrodite is very romantic and passionate is silence. She does not need to flirt or any sort of that, her natural beauty catches the eye of any man! Great Question!
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Aphrodite is irresistible; her womanly figure demands desires and attraction. Aphrodite is girlish and very soft spoken. Aphrodite is not flirtatious as people presume; just one glance at her would make gods and men become attracted to her. She could stand in a room, and attack all the males like a magnet.
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Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love, Sex and Beauty.  She was married to the Greek God Hephaestus.  She was actually a very unfaithful wife.  She cheated on her husband with Hermes, the messenger of the gods. They had a child together that was born with both sex organs that they named Hermaphrodite(pronounced herm - aph - ro - die - ty).  That is where we get the term hermaphrodite.  According to the television show "Hercules," with Kevin Sorbo, she was a very loving woman and always sided with him when it came to any argument involving him. She was actually voted the most beautiful of the greek goddesses.  Personality wise, she was an overall nice person.
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Love love love

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