How Will A Gemini Girl Act If She Likes You?


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A good question! I can tell you one thing for certain, she certainly won't leave you wondering for long.

Geminis are up-front people, so will tell you if they like you, but be mindful of their inconsistencies - as this sign's split personality can sometimes cause Geminis to say one thing and do another.

How do you know if a Gemini girl likes you?
  • Geminis are natural talkers. They are great communicators, who are adept at expressing their thoughts and opinions eloquently and intellectually. If they do like you, then you should expect to hear from them.
  • This sign is most well-known for its adaptability and versatility - which are handy attributes to possess when it comes to Geminis' social lives and careers.
  • Another great string to the Gemini's bow is his or her youthful and lively streak. This makes them great people to hang around with as there will never be a dull moment when you're with them.
  • However, this sign is known for acting inconsistently (due to the twin personalities) and for having a tendency to be superficial.
  • They may also appear to be nervous and tense to others. Sometimes people wrongly accuse Gemini's of being "cunning" because of this split in their behaviour.
If a Gemini girl does like you, then she'll most probably tell you! Be wary of her behaviour, though, as the twin personalities can cause more than a few inconsistencies!
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Gemini women can be very unpredictable because they tend to have a lot of mood swings! So make sure what kind of mood she is before you approach her.

A Gemini woman may try to woo you with her intelligence or may try to catch your eye through her clumsiness and playfulness- it just depends upon her mood, but either way she will try to play hard once you get to her!
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Hot and cold because she's unsure of how to behave and which part of her you'll like. She may be too scared to show all of her true self, which makes her more aloof.
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Well, as a Gemini I like to get their attention without me trying to do much. I don't like to make myself obvious because it makes me feel weak and that I believe guys are supposed to make the first moves.

So, guys - if I like you, you've got to pay close attention to the things I say or do, because if you don't it's not guaranteed I'll be there next time.
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Well, she is unsure which side of her you will like best, since they have two different personalities.
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Gemini women are no different than any other women. Now Geminis tend to love the intellectual side of people more than the physical.

Dating a Gemini women can be like dating two women at once. They tend to have two personality traits.

But beware some Gemini women may not have two personality traits that you will like! Some can be romantic and sweet, others can be romantic and dominant.

Just figure out which traits the woman you are going for has and decide if those are the traits you like.

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