Can An Aries Man And A Gemini Woman Be Together?


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Oh yes they can! These two have the potential for a very long and affectionate relationship.

The fire of Aries and the air of Gemini makes for a spontaneity unmatched in the rest of the zodiac. However, be warned - as these two elements can also cause an explosion!

Aries man and Gemini woman
  • The Aries man can provide the ambition, drive and enthusiasm for the Gemini woman to realize her wildest dreams. Together these two should be able to achieve almost anything, regardless of the obstacles they may find along the way.
  • The thoughtfulness and the intellect of the Gemini woman can help dissuade the Aries man from his frequent habit of making rash decisions or poor judgements.
  • The Gemini woman will cherish the trust that the Aries man has in her. She will also appreciate his loyalty, faithfulness and honestly towards her and the relationship. She loves his practical abilities, which are able to transform her dreams into reality.
  • The Aries man appreciates the loyalty of his Gemini woman, she has the ability to be close to him but also understands his need for individual freedom.
If issues such as envy or each other's ego does not get in the way, then this match has all the potential to form a great bond and a meaningful relationship. So, yes if these two can bridge these gaps, then there is no reason why an Aries man and a Gemini woman cannot be together.
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The relationship between Aries and Gemini will be long-lasting and untiring. The dominant nature of Aries will be brought down by the sublime nature of Gemini. They have versatile social nature and good communication skills which results in giving the happy life to Aries which they need.
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My Aries man married me (Gemini girl) 28 years ago. We recently separated, but have remained friends. It looks possible that we may reconcile. Life together has been good.
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A good combination but with some compromises needed.

Gemini needs to make sure to be diplomatic with Aries. Aries can be straightforward, which is good in some ways. All in all, the wise Gemini and equally high-spirited Aries would make an ideal pair.
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Honestly, why do you care what the stars say? But, since you do, there is a good chance that you will have come together. You're both fairly romantic and love to explore, but if you come together in a relationship, one of you may take it for granted. But I hope you will get her! Good luck!
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Aries and Gemini will never come together. They have no match.
Aries do not like the flirty nature of Gemini. They are very sincere men.

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