How Can You Tell If A Gemini Man Loves You?


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The Gemini man is very irresistible. He is a very carefree, independent, charming rogue who flirts as if it was second nature for him. He can cook for you, dance with you and make you feel like the most beautiful woman on earth. But don't get carried away and start looking for a wedding gown just yet! Finding out a Gemini man's true feelings can be very difficult.

How can you tell if a Gemini man likes you?
He's good at wooing you because he is constantly practicing it with several other women. This guy's idea of a hobby is collecting women's phone numbers and bra sizes.

Errol Flynn, movie star and Gemini man, has long been regarded as Hollywood's black sheep. He was so notorious for his numerous dalliances that Hollywood coined the phrase, "in like Flynn".

Flynn went through three marriages but was never faithful to any of his wives. Lily Damita, his first wife, said, "You never know when he's telling the truth. He lies for the fun of it."

He was renowned for his excessive flirtation but when he reached his forties his reckless behaviour began to take its toll and, at the age of 50, Flynn suffered a heart attack and died.

Your Gemini man might not be as cavalier as Errol Flynn, but all these men have a strong attraction to beautiful women that they just can't curb.

  • If a Gemini man looks to spend time with you, then there's a chance he does love you.
  • Geminis are free spirits, but they can also love the comforting and stable environment that some women may offer them.
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If he is still hanging out with you, then its a pretty good chance he likes you at least, if not more. Some men are quiet and probably raised to suppress his feelings as many of us older guys were raised by our Fathers, so don't hold it against him as one day he will tell you but judge his feelings more by his actions when hes around you

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