What does it mean when you see someone who passed away 2 years ago in my dream mean?


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Melissa Kimber Profile
Melissa Kimber answered
I think that this means you are missing them quite a lot.
Claire Denton Profile
Claire Denton answered
I ponder that you are missing them (whoever you lost) I hope you get over it and live life happily.
Caro Jo Profile
Caro Jo answered
When you dream about someone dying, dead or being born, it normally means something new is going to happen, or something old is going to change.
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Jil Blue answered
It depends on what that person in your dream represents to you. For instant, that person is someone you admire, it means something is happening in your life that brings on admiration.
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Rebecca Nightingale
The person was my grandad that was in my dream i just want to know was he trying to contact me in my drem ?
Jil Blue
Jil Blue commented
No, Granddad means a wise father figure and it means your being watched over and protected. It was a comforting dream telling you, your loved.
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sana shaker answered
I think u r missing them but it depends on what that person represents to u and what he or she did

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