Can You Give A Definition Of Moral Dilemma And Example Of Moral Dilemma And What Makes Them Complicated?


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Moral Dilemmas refer to situations which involve conflicts between moral requirements. These situations have a very apparent conflict between moral imperatives such  that obeying one will result in transgressing the other. Example is:
In 1842, a ship is destroyed by an iceberg. Around 30 survivors are left and there is only a single lifeboat that has a capacity of 7 individuals. The weather is getting worse and the Captain of the ship has to decide how to lighten the boat so that atleast the 7 people can survive. He is in a moral dilemma here. He decides that some of the individuals, mostly weaker people would have to be forced out of the boat. They will drown (which they eventually will) and the remaining 7 people will be safe atleast. On one hand his decision is totally reasonable as he wants to save the life of atleast 7 people. But on the other hand he is killing 23 people to save these 7 which is immoral. Thus the decision is difficult.
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All of our choices are based on something, yet may differ from the reactions of another.   Morality does not have to be negative, as we all have different thoughts on different things when it becomes questionable about behavior. If one has to make a morality choice concerning another, it may not be what that person would respect or believe, but it is the belief of the person making the decision for them. Morality in itself is not a law, but following laws is a moral decision as well as legal.
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An example would be when you find money somewhere, and you are not sure if you should find the owner or keep it.

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