I'm Falling Deeply In Love With A Virgo Man. Why Is This Happening, And What Should I Do?


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You've probably attracted him because of your good looks, initial shyness and clean appearance. If you are a clean-freak, that will help you loads.

I'm in love with a Virgo man...
With Virgos you basically need to be:

  • Intelligent: They will not date someone they can't hold a conversation with, and they love a partner who has an agile mind like theirs!
  • Organised: Virgos do not find people who are a mess attractive. A messy home is also a turn off.
  • Do not appear shallow: Compliment him on his personality traits. He will love you for being so insightful and deep. Virgos will appreciate people who don't judge a book by its cover.
  • Be honest and blunt: Getting emotional and bursting into tears is not going to make your Virgo aware of what's upsetting you, they'll just know something's up. Sometimes you have to spell it out to them.
  • Be virtuous: Virgos don't like people who are not caring or loving towards everyone in their lives. They see such people as selfish. So be a bit more compassionate and they will love you for it.
Virgos may criticize you from time to time or tell you about your flaws or something you're doing wrong. They're not doing it to make you angry. They just want to help you realise you can improve on something.

Virgo believes that improving all of the people they come into contact with can help make each person's life and the world a better place. It's how the Virgo shows love. They care about you enough to say things that will make you angry at them, if it's what you need to hear in order to improve. Bottom line is, if a Virgo criticizes you, it means they care about you!

Written by a fellow Virgo!
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I'm a Virgo woman - and Virgo men are pretty similar.

The Virgo man
  • We're not cold - even though we look and act aloof, we're actually very sensual and passionate when we've got that feeling.
  • Virgo men like brains - you don't have to be really clever - just make good conversation or we're bored - especially with trivial stuff and gossip.
  • Too much slush and lovey-dovey makes us cringe.
  • Proper romance is preferred - especially when it's sophisticated. We're just practical and logical, that's all.
  • We like intelligent conversation and that often leads us to the bedroom! It's not that we're 'hard' - but if something upsets you - tell us!
Although most people mock astrology signs - there is some truth. Read them and take notes - but as I said earlier - base your judgement on the person, not his star sign.
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I can really understand the pain in your heart.

I'm in love with a Virgo man
  • Virgo men are irresistible, not because of their looks, but their brain and heart. Something which women really appreciate.
  • If you are scared of your Virgo love, I will suggest you just accept it. Sit alone and pen down the qualities of each Virgo man in your life.
  • All Virgo men are not exactly the same, but they are a wonderful blend of feelings and intellect.
  • They can't handle mushy emotions, they get scared - though they miss that when it's not there anymore in their life. In your case, if you are destined to love a Virgo man, you will and no one can stop you from doing that.
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Run don't walk!!!! Being with a Virgo male is like being with a whiny, self-absorbed jerk.
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Love is directly related with the heart not with the stars. It is chance that you are having love with another Virgo. The love can be long lasting if there is mutual understanding. This understanding can be developed with any person regardless of his sign. So I advise you to evaluate that man with your own criteria of understanding and if found on track then go for it.
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Well I am a Libra woman who is madly in love with a Virgo. The problem is that we wear our hearts on our sleeves. And they don't.

We love and want to be loved they can't handle that. So I am trying to get over him. I am so tired of crying. My first virgin experience. I never ever had my heart hurt.

My heart is in so much pain. When I get over this I will never - and I mean never - date a Virgo man again. Trust me they are all the same. My brother is one - now I see what his women were talking about.
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Virgo men are the toughest to love. I'm a Libra lady and my brother is a Virgo and the guy I was seeing also a Virgo. If you speak of passion or feelings they run and hide.

I'm not saying Virgo men are bad but it takes a different type lady to deal with the ups & downs, and the hot and cold side of them. Of all the signs I have dated, the best for me would be a Taurus or a Gemini.
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I am a Virgo woman and have studied the signs since I was 16. I am now 25.

I will tell you this now not to hurt you but as we Virgos are very blunt and straight-forward: Virgo and Libra are not compatible!

Libra can't handle the harsh and direct criticism of a Virgo and Virgo can't handle the fact that a Libra runs away from confrontations and curls up in their shell while avoiding the Virgo.

Communication is very important to a Virgo - they want to know where they stand immediately, what's the issue etc. As for the Libra, they appreciate communication but in their time, which is normally very long. 

Virgos male and female have a strong attraction to Libra because of their warm, subtle, charming demeanor - and, as the first respondent told you, he might be attracted to your good looks.

Both signs almost make the perfect sex partner.  But other than that, there is no future I would say for a Virgo and a Libra.

I am sorry - for I know what I wrote may not be what you want to hear but, as a Virgo woman, whenever I come across a Libra man I run. Literally.
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Great question!  Both my current boyfriends happen to be Virgo males!

I'm not sure why I keep attracting Virgo guys - I'm a Leo ha, ha.  My first boyfriend, at 17, was a fastidious Virgo.  Sweet guy.

Here are some facts about the Virgo male from a woman Virgo males LOVE for some reason:

- Not as much a neat-freak as books and internet claim.  Some of the filthiest males I've ever are Virgo men.  Now Virgo WOMAN: Okay - she's going to be a neat-freak.  My Asc is Virgo and so are several planets.  I clean my apartment every. Single. Day.  But Virgo BF # 1 has yellow teeth he never brushes, wears stained up shirts, won't clip his toenails (claws) and seems horrified by taking a bath.  Sometimes he comes to my bed and SMELLS.  As a Virgo Asc Leo, this drives me crazy.  We almost broke up over it.  Virgo BF # 2 on the other hand is neater but his apartment is gross.  So clean freak: Virgo woman yes.  Virgo man no.  Virgo man is one of the filthiest guys.  It's hidden until he lets you into his little world but see it you will. 

Brace yourself.  :/

- All Virgo men seem kinky.  Not sure what this is.  They all seem to think s*x should involve toys, or some kind of brazen weird exotic kink.  A lot come naked to your bed but in socks.  Not sure what that is either but I've seen it in Virgos a lot. 

- Virgo male will make you and himself thirst for s*x.  You may find yourself waiting longer than you imagined possible.  The Virgo guy takes perverted kink in seeing how long he can hold out. 

- They also get off on being cuckolded.  I DARE VIRGO MEN TO LIE AND DENY IT!

- Virgo men are possessive.  Astrology books claim a woman will never get away from Cancer; a lie.  The sign who refuses to let go is VIRGO.  They fall in love instantly, hide it for years, then expect their crush to remain chaste, loyal and true with no s*x.  Then when she gets fed up and attempts to leave, the Virgo will NOT let go. 

He'll tell any lie, employ any trick, and he is not above fiddling with your car or finances messing them up, sabotaging either or both to trap you.

Linda Lovelace, actress, was imprisoned for a decade by her husband.  Like a dungeon.  And yeah he messed with her finances and would sabotage her attempts to leave.  When she finally did escape, girl was a zombie.

Guess what sign he was. 

I've tried to break up with Virgo BF # 1 eight times in three years and there is just no getting away from him.  He uses large gifts of money to keep me from leaving and wants me to cheat him then tell him the details.  I've tried to flee Virgo BF # 2 five times in one year.  He's bi slowly coming out gay but refuses to let go of me either!

- Virgo men: Jealous.  If he sees you so much as look at another man, he will glare at you, then blink coyly fluttering his eyelashes and get a little smile, then pretend nothing is wrong.  Then sulk and put you on Power Ignore for days. 

But then when you say fine and prepare to run off to that other guy, here he'll come wanting to suddenly make peace... And also could you please give him details from time to time on what you two might have done behind his back?  He promises not to tell...

This said, Virgo men are good dressers and often cute.  Prepare to have your phone blown up by texts though.  Virgo men will text, call and email like crazy and bugaboo you daily out of your mind.  Once he's in love with you there is no more persistent text and email pest than a Virgo man.

But nobody writes such beautiful long letters better tho.  They're like novels.  And always in that neat little typewriter  handwriting.

Ah Virgo men :)

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