Does Anyone Believe In Vampires, If So Are You One? Because I Am


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I am not Vampire But, I am still looking for any Vampire to come up and show his/her existence.If you are Vampire, then why not visit show yourself on any News Channel and help the non-believers believe on you!

If you fear of being harmed, then you should, secretly, send blood sample to famous and reputed labs for DNA Test with a note telling of being werewolf, which would show vampires exist and are different than humans.So, one of the Vampires/Werewolves must take step to get themselves recognized and above mentioned ways are easiest of them!
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Dude you are not a vampire they are not real
i would know okii i am very smart and i like to study vampire things
and if you look in the mirror and nobody is lookin bac then you are but if you see someone lookin bac you are not a vampire
and no i am not a vampire
i am as human as i gets
if you are really a vampire how old are you really
wat year was you actcually born
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Emelie White
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It's actually only another myth that vampires have no reflection. I have no idea if they are real or not. There are people who believe they are and have even been imprisoned for the murders they have committed. You obviously haven't studied very much about the vampire myths and theories or you would have known that.
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Sorry riff but vampires don't exist.
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I don't believe in vampires
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Brianna Bunting
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So u dont believe in me? Or other vampires in this world? Well i for one want peace between us but with non-believers like u thats not happening.
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I strongly believe in vampires and i can't said whether i am or not one and to say u are one you most be able to tell me the number one rule there is in being a vampire :)
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Ok dont tell any one im dating a vampire and hes my sire i call him daddy idk why i just do get over it im also one so of course i belive in them dummy
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Hate to break it to you but they don't reveal themselves to the public. Otherwise, everyone would know who they were and they would hunt them down and kill them for knowledge because humans are greedy and they fear anything they can't control. When they thought they did exist in a small town in Canada, they KILLED THEM and now they always want to know where they are. You may say you're going to be friendly and some humans are but others, are greedy, selfish pigs!
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Gezzz why r you sooooo... Mean i geuss you dont know if there real or not none of you do anless you go through it...
Taylor criss
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People ARE greedy and selfish and even though some of them are good, if they get too tempted they'll get aggressive ,being part human makes being greedy or selfish one of my weaknesses
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That seems a little harsh Emilliiixx not all humans are like that I know many who are trustworthy.
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I am not a vampire but i do believe that  there out there some were. My  dream is to see one come face to face just to see what they look like when i am watching vampire films i think about what it would be like. Just got to keep wishing :(
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I do believe there is a vampire, i will repeat it..VAMPIRES ARE NOT FICTION AND MYTHS, there are no purebloods, daywalkers, royals...but psi vamps, or sang vamps are real, there's no need for me to clear it, just go research it, i do believe in them cause its not that i think that i am one, im starting to feel the presence and not by just thinking it, and it bothers me all the times so i keep on researching to know all about them that might be the answer of my problems
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I believe in them but i know it cant be proven that they exist if you were broad casted in daylight you would burn into ashes , if you came anywhere near a church with the hold cross you would be afraid , you cant stand the smell of garlic, the taste or smell of vervain repels you away and if you say you like all of them things then you obviously aaint a vampire , Kapeesh!
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I do believe in vampires and i would love to be one. How do you know that your a vampire???
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Noah Sarvo
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You have to be born like it. Your skin is unusually cold. Sharp teeth, Can eat but just never fills you up. Plus your mouth usually waters around blood
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You can also be bitten by a vamp and that should do the trick there are also spells but I wouldn't try them out myself.
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You are? We should talk sometime about vampire stuff it would me awesome i can't believe i found another vampire!!!!

vampire in hiding
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I believe in vampires...I have had dreams about them like last night..Being from New Orleans we are famous for vampires..
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I honestly do not care if anyone knows I am a vampire or telepathic. Honestly, it is a very good way to show off. Especially the telepathy thing. And only slayers kill us, and even then they only kill the ones who murder humans.
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Im now very nervous about admiting it but im a vampire. Any of the others out there, beware! Only post online anonymously on something without an ip, like a phone, because even though its illegal, hunters in the police can track your ip to your house.
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Alot of people become obsessed with vampires and they want to become one so they start acting like one by actually drinking blood because they are crazy and they think they are ones but theys arents.
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I only believe in things i see then what i hear. I have to touch, feel, smell, hear to believe in things. I have never seen heard smelled touched or have ever even heard a vampire, but i keep an open mind.

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