'Evil' Spelled Backwards Is 'Live'. Do You Think It Means Anything?


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I don't think this means anything at all. With so many thousands of words in the English language, and only twenty-six letters, it's no surprise that some letters will find themselves in similar formations.

How Do You Know It Doesn't Mean Anything?

If you think about it logically, the etymology of the words are completely different, and standardised spelling wasn't introduced until 1755, when Samuel Johnson published the dictionary. In Old English, the two words bear little resemblance to each other: evil was yfel and live was libban.  They can both be traced back further than that, to a proto-Germanic 'parent' language, where they bear even less resemblance to one another.

Nobody sat down with a pencil and decided to make words from anagrams, and even if they had, it wouldn't make the words mean anything different. Besides, it's only in English that evil is live backwards; in French, they're mal and vivre respectively.

So many words spell other things when the order of the letters are reversed. It doesn't mean anything; drawer is reward backwards, and God is dog backwards, too. It's all just coincidence.

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People have tried to read into that. Some speculate that if there is good, there is bad, and the word is kind of like an anomaly wouldn't you think? I think it''s just a coincidence. Nothing spectacular there. Hope this helps.
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O course it means something, there is no such thing as an accident !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Evil is live backwards----the word explains itself
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The devil is lived backwards
the growing energy of negativity each life lived backwards contributes to its power
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Even more disconcertingly, 'love' is 'evol' (evil) backwards...
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Of course it means something because in 2012, nasi domis predicted that the dead will rise and destroy the world in some giant hell invasion
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Could be that it does. It is kind of ironic.
Guess this would be a hard thing to know for sure because the English language was created eons ago.
If you get a good answer, it sure will be interesting reading.
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I read a sermon that stated the reason why live is evil spelled backwards. It's because
"evil gets life backwards"

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