Can Someone Tell Me The Proper Pronunciation Of The Scottish Name , Nicevenn? Also Any Information About This Goddess Would Be Much Appreciated! :o)


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From Wikipedia:
In Scottish mythology, Nicevenn (also called Dame Habonde, Abundia (German), Satia, Bensozie, Zobiana, Nicheven, or Herodiana) was a Scottish Goddess (or witch according Christian recharacterization) during the Middle Ages. According to myth she rides through the night with her followers in Samhain (November). Her name can be translated as "Divine" or "Brilliant." She is equated with the Roman goddess Diana and her Wild Hunt.
Carlo Ginzburg relates the Nicevenn to La Befana of Italy.
As far as the pronunciation goes, I did a lot of research into this and it seems to me like it would natively be pronounced like "Nees-eh-vhen".

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