What Do Muslims Believe In?


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Muslims believe in
1. God who is named Allah
2. Allah's angels ( almala2eka)
3. His Prophets ( all of them )
4. The books he sent to us including the Bible, Torah, and the Quran but they abide by the Quran because the two books ( The Bible and the Torah have both been tampered with )
5. The Day of Judgment
6. And Fate. That everything is meant to be and nothing you do can change it.
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1.Muslims believe in one GOD whose proper name is Allah
2.They believe in the Holy Qur'an
3. They believe in the truth of the Bible, but believe that it has been tampered with and must be reinterpreted so that mankind will not be snared by falsehoods that have been added to it.....those are a few and the best to you
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That is what I said Bgirl.
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You are truely showing your immuturity because who said you were wrong, or are you saying if you answer no one else can, is there a problem and than you give me a thumb down, what does that signify? Lets grow up in the name of Allah,I'm sure he would not condond your behavior.....peace
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I do know that they believe that GOD can do good and evil and what he has written in the Qur'an he can take back and change at any time. He can chose to forgive and to not forgive, to heal and not to heal thats way you hear alot of muslims say "God willing" when they ask him for something.
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Bible is the holy book of christians and not of muslims
muslims believe in the presence of only one god i.e., allah and they believe in prophet of allah and follow what he did in his life.
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Muslim Believe in that

ALLAH(GOD) is one who created this universe no one is equal to him and Muhammad (SAW) is the last prophet send by ALLAH who spread the islam.
This is the main thing in islam.
Any how you can ask further question to me
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Muslims also believe in the afterlife. The things you do in this life will, in turn, affect your life in the hereafter. If you lead a virtuous life, you'll go to Heaven.
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The muslims believe in unicity faith of allah and accepts hazrat mohammad peace be upon him as the last prophet of allah.

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