What Does A Dream About Wearing A Wedding Dress Mean?


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The most popular interpretation of a dream about a wedding dress is that the dress symbolizes your desire for romantic attachment. It doesn't necessarily mean that you want to get married, though, and it's highly unlikely that it's a premonition..

Possible Interpretations of a Dream About a Wedding Dress
  • The wedding dress may represent your wishes to get married.
  • You may be single and wanting to be in a relationship.
  • Are you currently planning your wedding, or are you hoping to get engaged?
  • A wedding dress represents purity and commitment. Have you recently been having issues with commitment? Maybe you're just enjoying a new commitment.
  • A wedding dress can also be seen to represent "forever," so if you look at it this way, the dress could represent the future.
  • Some people believe that a dream about a wedding foreshadows a family death, but don't take this too seriously - dreams are just dreams, and although they may give us insight into our own thoughts, they can't predict the future!
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In your case, I would say a subconcious desire to get married again is manifesting... Maybe because you had so much fun on the wedding night. I had a dream of being in a wedding dress too... The meaning of which is just a tad too creepy to contemplate.
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They say that dreams portray the hidden desires of your heart. So, if you come to experience dreaming about wearing a wedding dress, there's a clear interprtation that that person wants to settle down or want to commit into a relationship soon.

I wonder if you dream of talking to a wedding planner like One Heart Wedding. =)

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Well, dreaming this means  that a wedding is a magical illusion and a possibility when the couples are ready ready to settle down.

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Wedding a beautiful moment for boys also for girls. I have dream to wear a royal style wedding Dhula dress with will so expensive and give me the Royal Shahenshah look. My only wish to make my marriage incredible. 

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that one common dream to male/female.i mean actually wedding happened once in our life.that wedding day one of the biggest day in our life.they will think that day every one eyes has on me only mean every one has to impress from my dressing style.

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Perhaps just you have seen some wedding dresses or some pics of wedding in the daytime. Your brain just captured it. Maybe it means nothing.
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I had a dream where ALL of my good friends were wearing their wedding dresses. They were doing a skit. And they all told me , This is for you , I couldn't see myself in the dream but I knew , it was me. They were singing and dancing. They all had beautiful dresses.
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If I interpret this right, a wedding means a new beginning, and in your waking life, you have something new and good happening. Hope this helps, if not, I tried.
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It is a good phenomenon that means you will find your boyfriend soon. You will fall in love with someone.
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I had a dream that I was fitting on a wedding dress my sister lent to me. Seems I was in a rush and it was going to be a surprise. Then I tried on a bright pink dress and shoes to match Someone came into the room who I did not want to see. My phone rang and I woke up.
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It was like 2 weeks and I kept having dreams of me wearing a wedding dress or seeing other people wearing wedding dresses and I asked my grandma what it meant. So she told me that she used to have the same dreams as me was when she found out she was pregnant, so guess what, a week after, I found out I was pregnant! And I was only 16!
  1. You could be in a position to be meeting someone special real soon; if in fact you haven't already
  2. You could be proposed to by someone you are currently dating
  3. You may be about to be asked to be married.

There's so many wonderful things that could come from this type of dream. Embrace them all!
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It is my understanding that dreaming of a wedding dress means there will be a death around you...I did not find this out until recently, when I had a dream that a Male friend of mine was wearing a wedding dress ;) It makes sense, since my partner's mother was just diagnosed with cancer, and given 4 to 6 months to live.
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Maybe you want to get married?
Maybe you don't like the wedding gown you have already purchased and want to exchange it? Maybe you're going to be in a friend's wedding and it now has you thinking about your own future wedding?
Who knows? It could mean anything. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
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I have been advised that it means death . A close friend or family member will be passing away .
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I had the same dream today... Usually if you are wearing a wedding dress it means you are going to get really sick.. :(

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