What Does A Dream About Spiders Mean?


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Spiders are often associated with precision and manipulation, but they are also a great source of fear for a lot of people. Depending on your feelings towards spiders, your dream could mean several things:

  • That you're being manipulated. Spiders spin intricate webs to catch their prey, and then lie in wait. Think about the people in your life - are any of them manipulating your actions or emotions?
  • That you're manipulating somebody - maybe you're the spider!
  • That you're working particularly hard at the moment. Hopefully, your care and precision will pay off.
  • If you're afraid of spiders, your dream could be nothing more than a manifestation of this fear - our dreams often reflect the things we're scared of.
Try not to think about your dream too much - if you do, you'll be putting yourself at risk of another spider dream tonight! Scientists believe that we process the events of the previous day whilst we're sleeping, so if you spend today thinking about spiders, you're more likely to dream about them again.
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It means you are being careful and energetic in your labors and fortune will come to pleasing proportions  :  Domestic happiness

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