What Does A Dream About Cats Mean?


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A dream about a cat could mean a lot of things - without knowing more about your dream, it's hard to say exactly. You'll also want to consider your feelings towards felines before thinking about what they symbolize: If you love cats, they're more likely to symbolize something positive rather than something negative.

Some people believe that symbolic meaning can be assigned to the things that we dream about. Dream interpretation is not a science, and there's no proof that our dreams have any hidden meanings at all.

However, cats have always been surrounded by superstition, so it's no wonder that there are so many different meanings assigned to the presence of cats in our dreams.

Positive Interpretations of Cat Dreams

  • Independence
  • Feminine sexuality
  • Creativity
  • Power

Negative Interpretations Of Cat Dreams

  • Misfortune
  • Bad Luck (especially if the cat is black)
  • Deceit

Dreams About Kittens

If you see a kitten in your dream, this is meant to represent a transitional phase in your life and a step towards independence. This could be getting a job, getting your first car, or moving away from home.
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To dream of a cat generally denotes ill luck when you do not succeed in killing it or driving it from your sight. In your dream, if the cat attacks you, you will have enemies who will go to any extreme to blacken your reputation or even to cause you loss of property.

But if you succeed in banishing the dream, you will overcome great obstacles
and rise in fortune and fame.

Therefore cats may mean many things to many people such as femininity, intuition, magic etc. The personal feelings about cats are the key to deciphering their meaning in your dreams.  
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My daugther tried to kill me with an axe a year ago and I had a dream about her in the middle of about 50 cats or so and she was sitting in the middle of them and she knows that I dont like cats and used to be afraid of them and that when I dream of them I am afraid of them. What is that dream telling me. She slao was smiling at me in the dream.
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Most people don't put too much belief into dreams, but for those who do , a black cat in a dream is meant to be a lucky omen .
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It depends on the specific scenario. I once dreamed I was walking up a giant hill that was so steep it was practically straight up to get home, and I met a beautiful fire-colored stray kitten in my yard who was chasing a butterfly. He probably signified that a lot of work, more for me than most, is required to reach comfort, but it is well worth it for the fuzzy joy it brings. Anyways, enough of my dream. Kittens in dreams are half good and half bad, depending on how much you are willing to do in life.
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I recently dreamt of 2 cats one grey and one Siamese cat around running around my home.

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Dreaming of cats is almost always never a good sign. To dream of kittens, specifically, denotes a lot of small troubles that will pursue you in the coming future. If you kill a kitten in your dream, it means that you will overcome these problems and worries.

It could also just be your subconscious sending you a message that you are worried about something in your life, and that you think something might become a problem. If you have a kitten in real life, you could actually also be worried about its health.
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I had a dream about my brother's white female cat. He lived in the country and one day I went out to see him.  When I pulled up in the driveway the cat walked up to me  and stood on its hind legs and said, " You need to tell your brother that killing my babies was wrong and I didn't like it."  I said, "Cats don't talk" and she said, "Yes they do, people just can't listen."
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I had a weird one about a cat. It created holes on the street , with its paw, and dragged white cats into the hole and buried them alive. It went back and forth so many times, and the holes got bigger and bigger. That dream still annoys me... Crazy eh
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It does not mean anything more than the fact that you might have thought of a cat for a moment that you recalled in your dream.
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It means nothing.  Dreams are collections of associations thrown up by your mind as it files through memories.  You probably watched a movie or read a book recently that reminded you of black cats or something to do with black cats.

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