Do You Believe Humans Capable Of Telekinetic/telepathic And Other Such Abilities?


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Its real and every body can do it
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There have actually been scientific studies on brain waves and usage patterns on a variety of telepathic telekinetic, and out of body claims.  Some do show a different brain pattern and wave length.

Not saying it a fact, but I'm definitely open minded to it.  We discovering every day how much further the human body can be pushed, why not the human brain?
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If our brain emits brain waves, then isn't it possible that these brainwaves can be interpreted by another person's brain (like radio waves to a radio).

Just a thought.
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Weirdly I do believe that "some" humans are capable than more that meets the human eye, and I do believe that in fact although no one has seen this or recorded it that humans can do the impossible
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I used to always try to think totally logical, For year's I had woken up in state's of sleep paralysis unable to move but could see my hand's and just couldn't understand how I was connected to them, It used to scare me a lot, It happened so many time's I eventually learned how to snap out of it by focusing on not thinking about moving - But just doing it instantly, However one day when I got to such a state I tried to move suddenly and I jumped up, I thought to myself 'Finally' And kind of felt relieved for about 0.5 seconds, Then I realised I was up in the air, Right next to the ceiling, I remember looking down not being able to feel myself and realising there was no body, No leg's... Then started to panic, My daughter came in the room after not so long and I remember looking down on her, Knowing that I was some kind of 'ghost' and repeating to myself mentally 'Please don't look this way' a number of time's, I suddenly got 'sucked' back into my body, I sat up real fast and realised she was really there, I tried to put it down to a crazy dream but since I saw her and she was really there and I could not see her from the angle I was laying at that it could of been real, In the morning I typed in google 'Outerbody loud buzzing noise' and tried to find some reason - I really did not want to believe something like that it's just too wierd to think about, But all as that done was confirm it for me, That it was real, I have heard of lucid dreaming, But I can say it was not due to seeing my daughter, Now I have to go sleep very carefully or I get to the launching stage of outer body a lot, Since I wasnt ready for it or expecting it, I have developed quite a fear of it happening again, It is the kind of feeling like being pushed out in a boat far from shore with no paddles to get back, A secluded wierd feeling, I also dream many psychic dreams - I hate to tell you but these crazy hippi people.... They was right!

Now, How it is done is very simple, When you go to sleep - Stay conscious wait for your body to start feeling numb and maybe some feeling of electric shocks - A buzzing feeling, It can be different each time, But you will hear a ringing noise which will change to different tones, That is the start of it, If you can carry on staying calm and normal after that, Your probably going to experience it, This is something ANYBODY can do! There are no gifted people!

Good luck if you do!
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No one has yet to display such abilities. Like magic, telepathy is utterly ridiculous. It is impossible for the human mind to manipulate unanimous objects through concentration and I challenge someone to disprove my words. I do believe that we humans already use 100% of our brains. Neuroscience suggest that their is no scientific evidence that we only use 10% of our brains.
Somehow, somewhere, someone started this myth and the popular media keep on reiterating this false statement. Soon, everyone believes the statement regardless of the evidence. I have not been able to track down the exact source of this myth, and I have never seen any scientific data to support it. According to the believers of this myth, if we used more of our brain, then we could perform super memory feats and have other fantastic mental abilities - maybe we could even move objects with a single thought. Again, I do not know of any data that would support any of this. You could categorize this with myths such as dragons, fairies, lockness etc.
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I think the 'myth' just refers to how much of our brain we consciously use, I'm not sure if its as little as 10%, but at least some of our brain we don't actually use ourselves for conscious thought.
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No I don't believe it. The only thing our brain emits is brain waves, these aren't nearly powerful enough to move objects.
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Short and sweet answer nope, never have been never will be unless they have help.
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Last time I checked, the only thing coming out of people's heads is heat from brain activity (which no, aren't brainwaves), so no.

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