Do You Believe In Destiny ?


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I don't believe in destiny either. I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my own life. I don't think that theres a set path for any of us, and I don't think anything happens for a reason. What we do in the present and what we've done in the past determines the future. I think people kind of use destiny as an excuse for things, i.e. 'there was nothing you could have done to change a bad event' etc. Or use it as a type of hope in a religious sense, i.e. 'it happened for a reason, and it'll benefit you in the future' etc....
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I believe god gave us free will and ten commandments to allow us to shape our own destinies.  what would be the point of giving us these if god already has our destiny mapped out. No one knows how long we will be on this earth or what events will occur around us in our lives. We can only have a destiny if we plan and work towards it. We set goals for ourselves in our lives and our plans for our destinies will change along the way. Wouldn't life be boring if we all knew what our destiny was. We will only know our true destiny when we pass over to the next life. :)
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The God had given us free will and free imaginations. We can think every thing and can make our mind and ways by our own hands. And can use our that free will any time and at every place. God had drawn a sketch of our life and made a plan and distributed different things in our life. We must have to follow his orders and we will be successful in life and will live according to his plans. We can stop listening to the orders of God but by doing so we will face its results.

The main fact is that, its your destiny. After death, the peoples will remember you by your doings when you were alive and doe you passed your life according to the orders of the God and spent your life according to his will.

Most of us doesn't believe in destiny and believe in hard work. It is right action but doing hard work according to the God will is too much better and make useful our hard work. Peoples believe on co incident and make their way according to their hard work. And get reward of that hard work and if they didn't work hard they will not get any reward.
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I don't really think destiny nor fate are true. If that was the case, then there would be so many alternatives to change it before it happened -- that's my only real reason. I mean, I know the saying "everything happens for a reason," but that's kind of cliché... It's probably true, but still! I refuse to believe that "fate" or "destiny" chose the path for me. I choose my own way of life and happiness, not "destiny."
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Destiny plays an important role in man's life. If some people gather somewhere and discuss about destiny and hard work, it is sure that the no conclusion comes to an end. And it is also fact that the persons who favour destiny; majority is theirs. And for them who don't believe in destiny; that if you do anything, if the value of work is 99% you should believe that 1% work (whether good or bad) is done only because of destiny.
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Its a fact that everything that happens in the world around us, happens due to a cause. If we are able to find out the true cause of what had happened, i.e the answers to questions starting with why, how, what, where, when etc.. Which can be used as an information using which we can make it happen again if its a good thing or try to stop it if its bad for us. What had happened is not due to destiny, it is due to some reason. Thats what we have to find out. That only humans can find it, because of our evolved brains.So the conclusion is, If you ask me that you believe in destiny, I will say yes, and that will be one and only which is humans are destined to be the master of their own destiny.

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