Do You Believe In Ghosts And Why, Or Why Not?


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I don't believe in ghosts because there has never been, as far as I know, any ghost story that wasn't at least capable of being explained rationally. That doesn't mean that we know for sure that ghosts DON'T exist - we don't know that either. I would agree with a woman I once heard discussing the paranormal on a radio programme - she had spent at least 10 years trying to find evidence that it existed, really hoped to find some, but so far she never had. I would love to find evidence of the paranormal -it would be so exciting - but believing things are true just because you want to, without evidence, is very dangerous and very foolish.

There is an institute somewhere that has offered something like £100,000 to anyone who can offer convincing evidence of the supernatural. So far nobody has managed to collect it.

I think we still know very little about the human brain and what it can do. Our imagination is INCREDIBLY powerful. When we know more about how the brain works, we may be better able to decide if the supernatural really exists.
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Teresa commented
I believe in spirits as I have have a 1st hand experience........
Anonymous commented
Thanks for that perspective...i have never thought of it that way
Summer Larson
Summer Larson commented
I believe in ghosts, I have past lives too. If ghosts don't exist then I wouldn't be here. I also have seen ghosts before
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Jesus knew that ghosts existed.  A ghost is simply a spirit.  Jesus sent the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost to his believers after He ascended into heaven.  The other spirits are not Holy.    Mark 64:49When the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water, they thought he was a ghost, [[I:and they started screaming. 50All of them saw him and were terrified. But at that same time he said, "Don't worry! I am Jesus. Don't be afraid."    Luke 24:35 Then the two from Emmaus told their story of how Jesus had appeared to them as they were walking along the road, and how they had recognized him as he was breaking the bread. 36 And just as they were telling about it, Jesus himself was]] suddenly standing there among them. "Peace be with you," he said. 37 But the whole group was startled and frightened,[[B: Thinking they were seeing a ghost!  ]]]] 38 "Why are you frightened?" he asked. "Why are your hearts filled with doubt? 39 Look at my hands. Look at my feet. You can see that it's really me. Touch me and make sure that I am not a ghost, because ghosts don't have bodies, as you see that I do." 40 As he spoke, he showed them his hands and his feet. (that were pierced)]]
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I don't  beleive in ghosts
reason 1: there is no scientific proof   2: All the ghost images are made by adobe photoshop software.   3: I saw them only in films.    
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In my own experience when I was 16 I saw my grandmother that had past away 6 months prior. When she was alive she lived with us for a year at the end because she was going senial and was unable to take care of herself. She loved to sit in my bedroom on my bed and look at my posters and ferret. Well 6 months after she died I was in my room laying in bed listening to music when something caught my eye at my door, which was shut. This gray mass comes through my door and heads torward my bed! The gray mass was in the shape of my grandmother, it's hard to explain in words but it had the same walk, shape, hieght and curved back. I was so at a loss of words and all my senses overloaded at once I just threw the blankets over my head for 10 minutes at least! I was sooo scared! I felt bad after for being afraid of my own grandmother but all that kept going through my mind was that she came back to hit me... Don't ask! So yes I beleive in ghost.
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I believe in something but can it be explained as ghosts? I really don't know.

Some people have a lot of unexplained experiences and see many things which can be explained as ghosts and I have the dubious honour of being one of these people. It can be very frightening at times and very positive at others.
My late husband was a scientist and he had a strong belief in something that could be termed ghosts and believed that sometimes there was no rational, scientific explanation or at least that we know of now.
I live in an area where there are a great many unexplained things happen to many people who have no contact and therefore cannot collaberate to make their stories up.
There are too many things happen - often many times to many individual to dismiss the idea that there may be something that we explain as ghosts. All socities and cultures have the concept of ghosts, spirits, souls, hauntings , call it what we may. These go back into the mists of time.
It's difficult to convince people of our own very real experiences if they are determined not to believe.
I find , if something happens, write it down, tell someone and then try to research, say for example the  history of the house or place where the experience happened. I find this is a good way of getting people to at least not dismiss your experiences, for very often the experience can be linked to an actual historic event. There are many, many things that happen that cannot be explained and I can't deny my own experiences nor would I dismiss those of others.
Not a 'gift' you would really want honestly!
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I don't believe in ghost why : 1) I have never seen one 2) well we really don't know if they don't exist anything is possible 3) nowadays its really easy to change a video in order to make a person look like a ghost 4) pictures are nothing because if you ask the full story no one has ever a rational explanation 5) It all depends how religious you are because souls can go to heaven, hell or purgatory it all depends of your mind 6) If you realise men and women have always created something to have fear or to feel respect for in this case the death people
I think they are really good reasons why not to believe in them :) and I know a trick of how to make a person in picture look like a ghost ... You just put some vaseline on the lens of the camera and take the photo hehe it looks really blurry and also can scare friends xD well I hope this reasons are good anough for you =)
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Tiah Houghton
Tiah Houghton commented
In that statement you are saying that because you havent seen one and some people who are attention seeking and put pictures on the web which are false then they arent real. I know first hand that they are as they live with me and others who have had experiences do but think really hard do you ever remember seeing something dark move in the corner of your eye but wasnt there. Or putting something down and then going to look for it and its gone? This is a spirit. Not just your mind playing tricks
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I believe in spirits. I have lived in homes that had long histories & have seen & heard things. In my current home I kept seeing a young man that looked like farm help from the 1800's (his clothing) I looked up the history & sure enough my home was built on land that long ago was the only farm in the area!
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Yes I do believe in ghosts. I can't really explain the reasons for them not to exist....Yes there could be factors in seeing the ghost, like the brain forming images in the darkness in what looks to be a shadow person, but I honestly believe that they do exist. When we learn more about them and get a better understanding about their history and how they impact our society, then you will see that they are real.
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I do believe in spirits or ghosts as some call them. I grew up in what some people call a haunted house. The spirit we had was called Arthur. He was not mean just liked to play tricks on you. He was also a gentle spirit with my little brother. He did show himself to us at times. People may say that can be explained but I know it was a ghost. He had owned and died in the house. Also I have seen my mothers spirit several times since she has died. Also my dad and brother has seen her. I think they are around us.
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I have lived in a few haunted houses  and I say they are haunted cause I have seen the ghosts.  I have been around when someone died at a distance and they came to let someone who lived there  know that they had passed on, so yes I do believe in ghosts.
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Adam Cicek
Adam Cicek commented
Hi i do belive in ghost to i used to live in the countryside in pulloxhill bedfordshire and i have been to clophill church it doesnt matter if i cant see em but they there they are a mythical creature of a human being ghosts are a quiet dominator and all ways win in black magic i think they would help us in a terrible situation thats all i have to say
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Yes, I do believe in ghosts, or a more polite name spirits, I am one of the very lucky people with a gift. A gift to see ghosts and I have seen many at the moment there are 3-5 spirits living in my house with me, I can also see them wherever I go it is a possibility they will be there, they follow me if you like. Ever since I was 18 months old I have had this gift and most of the time I wish I didnt have it, there is one woman who lives with me who has prodded me, shaken my bed and most likely it was either her or one of her friends that scratched me the other day. I have this gift but I wish I didnt. If you all live thinking I can't see it so it isn't real, then you should come and live my life, I hear things, see things and feel things. The only thing I cannot do is smell anything. So yes I do believe in ghosts and if you don't because you havent come across them, then you are a closed minded person this is no offence to anyone, but think about anything unusual that has happened to you that you can't explain. Or that figure you saw move in the corner of your eye but when you look it isn't there, this is called a spirit, and if you cannot see them only with the corner of your eye then you don't have a gift but we all have the ability to do this. Thank you for reading.
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Anonymous commented
Dude i saw yer comment I keep telling people most of them just stad around like druggies staring at nothing its sad and creepy but not scarey at all... I dont see them IRL when im awake thank god but I am an astral warrior of about 8 years now and I see them near nightly. Ive captured them moved them chopped em up taken them away is nessacary even did that to 2 demons threw em back in the hole ive seen them crawl out of. Its actually near where i live no bs... The staring is annoying.
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I do believe in ghosts. In our house I believe the spirits of my husbands grandparents are here watching over us. My youngest daughter was sitting on the couch and looked beside her because she saw a shadow and saw an older man and lady standing by the couch talking about her. She described them to us and my husband freaked out because she described his grandparents perfectly. She had not seen a picture of them before she described what she saw. I myself have experienced things also.
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I believe in ghosts. There is so much footage, in terms of stories, experiences, audio, photographs, film footage. Some things can be explained. But can every single bit of footage be explained?
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I believe in ghosts, but as spirits that live with us. They have a life & a family. But the ghosts of dead people are spirits not ghosts. I also believe in angels as spirits that protect us, watch us and sometimes do what the god order them to do in a mission.
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I believe that there are spirits, in particular one - the Holy Spirit, who have influence in your life and watch over you. I do however also believe that there are bad spirits, dead coming back to haunt the living. Too many strange things have happened not to believe in it
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Yes I believe in ghost..How do humans know that we instantly go to heaven when we die? We don't. So we have to go somewhere. I think, a theory, ...that god lets us roam into the earth when we havent accepted the fact that we arent dead. So yes I do believe in ghost
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Just because you don't see something that doesn't mean they don't exist. Well I've never seen a ghost and I don't even wanna see. There are many unusual happenings occuring in my neighbourhood....and people think it's a act of witch....I don't know if it's true or not but I really do think that supernatural power exist! I can't say I don't believe in 'em!

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You can see ghost if you want to... Someone with special knowledge can open your mind to see them, and give you that experience... But I don't think you want to see them... They look terrible you know and always hear you didn't want to.. I think better that you didn't know and become paranoid about it.

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Branden Terry answered

No, I don't believe in ghosts. Even if I saw one, I would definitely say it was real. But overall, no, I don't think so.

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I DON'T believe in ghosts because:
I have never seen/sensed one and I will not believe anything without proof behind it. All "ghost" cases can be somewhat explained so I am not satisfied with other people's experiences
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If people who believe in God should believe in ghosts, then why does everyone make them seem so bad. Is Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit bad ? No, so why should ghosts be. Who are ghosts even formed.
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I think they exist and that they live a life like ours. That there are some good ones and some bad ones. And that we are the ghosts to them but they call us humans instead
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I think they exist because where do their spirits go? What if they have unfinished business?
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Nadya Bean answered
Yes totally
I think theyre people who died but didnt fullfill someting so they stick around to try and fullfill it.
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Hi every1...Let me state 1st that ghosts really do exist and I have been seeing them from when I was very young...Unfortunately people are skeptical so there are many logical explanations for what they call our "Imaginations".
Anyway,I have a hypothesis which I would like to explain for the frequent appearance and disappearance of ghosts.
Firstly I don't think that heaven is in the sky nor hell is right below our feet.I mean if hell is right below our feet there are demons strong enough to break out of any barrier and come for us.So what could be the reason..!?
In science I have heard that every molecule on earth vibrates at a high speed including the earth itself which is not visible to naked eye....
So my reasoning would be there is a space-time distortion on our planet where hell and heaven reside in a single distortion one on earth and the other below earth...
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chinna Krishna
chinna Krishna commented
So when a demon/spirit/Angel uses their energy to pass through to our space I think that is when we are able 2 see ghosts/demons . However,we ourselves need to have strong mental energy to see them...
Hope it helps...
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I believe in ghosts. In my room I always get pushed by something and it knocks me a few steps sidewards - I know I'm not imagining it because why would I force myself to fall into my wardrobe and split my pinky open with a broken hanger? Then 5 mins later it shoved me again- It only seems to happen in my room though because in every other room in my house I don't feel an eerie presence. The other day I was lying in bed watching TV and I could feel something in my room. I rolled over so I wasnt facing the TV and all of a sudden I couldn't move anything apart from my fingers and my toes slightly. It felt like a massive force was holding me down I was in an awkward position beacause I was lying on my arm. This has happened a few times to me the last time I made a huge effort to move my arm  but the "force" came down on m arm even harder it was really wierd.
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Tiah Houghton
Tiah Houghton commented
This will be a negative spirit in your house, I have a few of them but one in particular. Nothing extreme like that has ever happened but the staring I cant stand. If this is the case then I would suggest going to your nearest spirituality church, as these people can help. I hope this helps you.
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In a sense of speaking, there are no such things as ghosts but then again there is. There interpreted as, spirits...For example, you know when someone dies and you still see there spirit floating around, something like that I do believe...But ghosts aren't just going to come around out of the blue sky like some people may think.
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Rosemary Campbell
If you don't believe in the Supernatural read my post on under name Rosemary which asks "Do You Believe In Spirit Possessions?" this is all a very true story and because of peoples attitude I can get few people to believe me and an Exorcist or Deliverance Minister is very elusive so how do I solve my Problem?
Why don't tabloids publish such stories when they in some cases write such tripe about aliens and the like?
People live beyond Earth and Demons are people we knew who never change.
Will they ever change?
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I am a Christian and I believe in the HOLY GHOST. I do not so to speak, believe in ghosts/spirits. However, I do believe in demons, I believe that Satan will send demons to possibly even appear to be a person from the past. You may say, it's a nice ghost, not evil, but anything not of God, is evil, regardless of it looks evil or not. I believe the haunted house stories, but they aren't what people think, they are demons, not ghost.
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Yes because I saw a ghost (and I know what I saw) and it looked at me but it was in a picture hanging on the wall and I looked down and up again and it was still there and did it again and it was gone and the picture was supposed to be my aunt and my uncle it was weird and my grandma said she has felt a brush of air that smelled like her husband and called to it and it answered
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I don't believe in ghosts because I have never seen one in real life or had contact with one. I have seen pictures and videos of some creepy and supernatural stuff but they could be fake so I don't believe in them. If I ever witness one then I will believe but for now I don't
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Haley Cook answered
I believe that ghosts exist because I have seen one myself and unlike many others I DON'T believe that EVERYTHING can be solved and have a logical explanation. There are so many mysteries in the world that even centuries later scientists have still been unable to solve rationally.
I have believed in ghosts sense I was at least 8-9 years old. I'm going to be 16 in January.
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I belive that there are spirits! There are angels demons and spirits that have unfinished business with the living. When I told my two best friends that I belive in ghost they told me I was crazy and there was no such thing but they belive that what they cannot see is not there. We cannot see air either and we have never seen God or Jesus but we still belive! If we all did not belive what we could not see then we would not belive that there were and people before drawings and pictures.
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Tiah Houghton
Tiah Houghton commented
I think this is the best comment on the subject I have ever read. You are a brilliantly open minded person!
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At one time I did not believe in gohost. Before  my mom died this year she would go outside with me so I could have a somok( my dad could not be around smoke). She would sit on the swing and I would stand. After she died I was with my dad and he was in bed..and as always I went  outside to smoke.  The swing was moving and I talked to my mom and put out the smoke and the swing stopped as soon as it was out. And NO there was not wind or anything.  God Bless and keep you safe...for my mom is with him
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The dead are asleep until they rise by the calling of JESUS.Ghosts are always mistaken,they are evil spirits,or demons set forth to deceive man kind,to induce the beliefe in mysticism and spiritualism.The enemy SATAN has set forth Pazuzu,Dominus,Legion,Belshazzar,and all their legions to deceive and destroy the souls of mankind.Do not be deceived.These demons are alive and living,weaving their way incidiousely into the very fabric of life,hungry for an attack which is psychological,and powerful.
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XiMing Gu answered
No,I don't.

Because if ghosts exist,why I never happen to meet them.
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paige davis
paige davis commented
Because maybe they don't want you to see them and they r real no offence sorry
Tiah Houghton
Tiah Houghton commented
Do you not think they will try to show you ? They will try to contact you, but they cannot if you dont believe as you are closing your mind to anything they are willing to do.
alexia smith
alexia smith commented
I exist but you have never met me
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I believe that if you believe I'm God, angels, and the holy spirit, then you should believe in ghosts.
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Selie Visa answered
I believe in the Creator of the universe, Almighty God. I believe in the presence of spiritual forces of good and evil. I believe in the existence of Satan and his followers-- demons and evil spirits. I believe in God and I obey him. I believe Satan exists to deceive me and destroy my soul. Satan and his followers are evil and they are the arch enemies of God and his people.

Demons are evil spirits who try to take people away from God and His truths. Satan is the ruler of demons and they work together. Satan does not have the same qualities as God. He cannot be everywhere at the same time. So he sends his demons to do his dirty works.

In Ephesians 6, Paul tells us that we have a fight on our hands. Our enemy is not of flesh and blood but our enemy is the rulers, authorities, and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm-- Satan and his demons.

Over the years, many have had the misconception that Satan and his demons are no longer active. But Satan is the father of lies and he wants people to believe that he is not active today.

Jesus spent 25% of His ministry casting out evil spirits and demons in people. Jesus realized how real Satan and his demons are, and we better as well. Satan and his demons too recognize who Jesus is.

Mark 1:34 and Jesus healed many who had various diseases. He also drove out many demons, but he would not let the demons speak because they knew who he was.

Satan is brave and bold. If Satan dared to tempt Jesus, he will surely come after us. So, how can we overcome evil forces? The ultimate weapon is "The Word of God" and "The Power of Jesus' Name"

Mark 9:38-40 "Teacher," said John, "we saw a man driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us." "Do not stop him," Jesus said. "No one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, for whoever is not against us is for us.
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suman kumar answered
Ghosts do not exists at all. That is human perception (imagination). Ghost are created by the imagination of mankind

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